Yes I think we are going to skip spring altogether and just jump into summer. The outdoor pool has opened and within a month what i thought would still be cold water has led me to be pleasantly surprised that a sleeveless wetsuit welcomed my first swim in mid May. Its been a tough few weeks of May simply from a schedule stand point as the juggling act with 2 part-time jobs continues trying to incorporate a consistent schedule, but added to that was also 3 Sundays of taking lifeguard courses. Yes, thanks to Jeff at the YWCA, he persuaded me to finally take the course since I’d be able to put in hours there in addition to the front desk. A few workers already do it, but he’s always in need of people when the younger guards are in school. It has been tough!! Maybe because I was 3x older than the average person in the class, and there were 17 of us, but also that final day was the Mother’s Day 5K which Gina and I had on the schedule.

After the first day which was basically hard testing and over 5 hours in the pool, I came home with cloudy eyes and chlorine scent that took a few days to get out (and I also was so glad the sessions were a week apart!). There was tons of information to incorporate and I found myself using several hours during the week to practice the motions of the drills, read up on the courses (side note there was also over 2 hours of online coursework), and then performing it during 6 hours sessions on Sundays. I would come home and just feel like this:

Big time props to the teachers Brandon, Leslie, and Jody for using their Sundays to teach us. There were some characters in our class which helped with the fun in the atmosphere of learning and we all worked together to make passing happen. One interesting takeaway was how you can go with the rhythm of the beat to Carly Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” song to chest compression in CPR. Serious. No joke. But it all added up to that final day…..

Gina and I have been continuing with training – that hasn’t changed – and her triathlon on June 3rd is coming. She’s been doing great in all aspects and she’s been able to get in the pool at the YWCA for a few sessions. With the warmer weather, we’ve stared riding a bit at 5am mixing it up with our usual runs. With the 5K, which we’ve done 3 out of the 4 years, is run in memory of our mothers. It’s a special morning for us, and I admit, it gives me a sense of loss every time I see a kid firmly grasp and hug their mom – heck even adults who are fortunate to still be able to. I never experienced that. Only vague 2-3 memories of it to be precise. Why I keep a photo of one by my bed. TeamMC force. Gina lost her mom a few years ago, which is why we both race. Indeed, our way of wishing a Happy Mother’s Day.

The morning was humid, in the 70′s, sunny – how I like it BUT and I admit, had my focus on not only having a good race, but conservative enough not to be all exhausted since I had the final lifeguard testing a few hours afterwards. Nice crowd, we had plenty of time since it was just in South Park, and even met up with Dan, Britt and their kids which is where we see them once a year as they also have made the race a tradition. We lined up and gave each other a kiss and short prayer in the Moms memory, then lined up. I was just 20-30 feet back from the start and Gina stayed in back. with it being a tough, rolling hills course, she wanted to make sure she too paced herself right. 3 deep breaths, and I’m ready to go.

Boom and like that of a 5K: 0-10.5 mph in 30 seconds. Everyone thinned out and I had 2 bucks hang on my tail while I focused on trying to easily reel in 2 other guys who really shot out of a cannon. I didn’t keep splits of my miles as I wore my Polar V800 but after seeing those splits later we were like in 5:40 range. We did indeed catch them both within 1.5 miles and now it was me staring at the back of the lead SUV while hearing both these guys latched on like a Masterlock. Everything felt good, but hitting mile 2 at same rate, and now having just 1 guy latched on, I knew I was at max effort and wasn’t going to go any faster. As we hit the final 1/2 mile, dudes says “enjoy the ride I’m backing off.” yet, problem was – he wasn’t and I’m trying not to laugh cause of that punk comment. Really? I knew what was next – last 100 meters he blows by and wins. I get it, all good, and he probably thought I was a young punk (he was in 35-39 age group so he was indeed the buck) teaching me a lesson. Hahahahahaha but that is exactly what I enjoyed afterwards as I made the turn after congratulating him and heading over to catch up to G – Dan said to me he saw he immediately vomited. Gets better – he almost LOST the race as he beat me by a mere less than a second since I started a few meters behind him!! We both had the same time 18:16!!! Awesome. Great racing.

Jogging back to meet Gina, after just a half mile, BAM BAM! Both my quads just erupt. I mean like serious spasm, cramp, soreness. Could barely walk. The course and effort level maxed these puppies out. Holy &%$# how the heck was I gonna swim test by noon?? As I managed to continue hobbling along cheering everyone on I finally met up with Gina who was moving nicely. Heck, I could barely match her jog pace the way my legs were. I was able to go with her less than a mile but she was almost done. I cut across Barclay Downs to get to the finish and saw she was close to 40 minutes. Here she comes running towards the finish and gets in at 40:30 CLOCK TIME. I knew she started in the way back, so her chip just might have gave her a sub 40 which would be a huge accomplishment on this course. Note: 2 years ago she did this in 45 minutes!

As we both recovered and laughed about our morning so far, sure enough as we checked the official scores – she did break it by 1 second!!! Hilarious – I lose by a second she wins by one! Man, I was so proud of her!!! We got to chat a bit with Dan and Britt before they headed off and we waited for the award ceremony. There was a Beerfest and BBQ the night before because a tent was still set up with the flyers and tables, etc. all near the race. On one of the tables was still UNOPENED cases of beer, soda, and liquor! Serious. No joke. In fact we walked away with a case of Diet Coke, Bundaberg Ginger beer, and Bravazzi Hard soda. Serious. No joke. Cheers!!!

So the next 2.5 hours was all BioFreeze, massage, and just getting as much range of motion as I could into my hips and quads. It was bad. I didn’t even take my Aquaphor tights off. Thankfully the first hour of the session was the written testing and gave me extra time. At least I was in the water too right? Well after 3 more hours of drills and testing in the pool, it felt good to take those tights off and sit in the 90 degree sun afterwards for Gina to pick me up. I got home and hydrated, spent the next 2 hours on the massage bed while finishing Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life book. I tried a nap, but man the shred within was too much for me to sleep. Gina cranked out the garden and now everything is blooming and the tomato, basil, and lettuce are also coming up! I did drink a hard soda with dinner though as we toasted our Mom’s and a successful end to the weekend! We were both exhausted. Only 2nd week of May? Call us, maybe we’ll answer.

Here are Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules to Life – of course added to TeamMC self-actualiztion process:

Back Straight Upright

Take Care of Yourself

Have friends who want the best for you

Comparison to who YOU were yesterday – NOT who someone else is today

Don’t let your children do anything that makes you dislike them

Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world

Pursue what is meaningful, not what is expedient

Tell the truth, or at least don’t lie

Assume the person you are listening to might know something you don’t

Be precise in your speech

Don’t interrupt your kids on skateboards

Pet a cat (dog) when you encounter one on the street