After a week of relaxation after Miami, I beagn to plan my program for my main race: IRONMAN IDAHO. I sorted my folder of workouts to begin my base building. The past 3 weeks have been getting back into the pool (bodysuit and 100+lap sessions at Y makes for interesting looks) and the bike! I am going to focus on my bike training which is why I ran so much this winter.
With my current work schedule, I have been doing 4am sessions, then biking after work. Ahh, to be in Ironman training again. Oh, of course I get the added benefit of reffing SKS games as ways to get a sprint workout in!

I was asked to serve as an assistant coach for St. Joe’s Lady Bears as they attempt to win their National Tournament in Maine. It is a great pleasure to be affiliated with the team as a conditioning coach. This team is good to indeed win it all!
I also will be traveling with the softball team for their spring training in Florida come mid-March. I have implemented a longer base building because of these events, but it will only aid me in my specific-interval phases come April.

The word FOCUS has been tossed around recently and is a primary element in being able to “juggle” the responsibilites I have. By simply planning a schedule each week and being able to adjust accordingly makes all the difference. “When do you train?” I MAKE the time. Being able to schedule time to relax is also key. It is how NOT to lose focus (cold?rain?wind?). I am fortunate to have a solid TEAMMC crew who make the effort to help me attain my goal: get TEAMMC back to Hawaii (and DaddyPops).


Thanks again to the ‘crew’ listed in the link box.

See me Tri,


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