I received an email from a friend and co-worker back at JEPT about a body compostiion study being conducted at St. Luke’s Hospital. Steve Dolecky was assisting in a study sponsored by TANITA, a maker of scales used to determine one’s body fat percentage. St. Luke’s specializes in Human Performance/Obesity Research and was administering the study under Dr. Steven Heymsfield.

I was excited to be analyzed in such a setting but I wasn’t expecting it to be as thorough. I went through 6 different types of body compostiion measurement devices, had blood drawn twice, drank a non-radioactive isotope solution (salty indeed), had my full body scanned which will outline my skeleton (that was cool), was compressed in a body pod chamber (felt like an altitude chamber), submerged in an underwater tank with a weight belt, stuck my right arm in a chamber measuring my potassium levels, probed to measure my skinfold on certain body parts (no not those), stood on several brands of bioelectrical impedence TANITA scales, AND was not allowed to eat or drink anything for 5 hours! YO!

It will take several weeks for my results to be available but it was an experience! My body fat ranges (from what I was able to gather briefly) varied indeed, from 3.8% to 9%, depending on the machine. Some errors are expected (the body pod had me at 18%) but I DO KNOW I am 5’7″ and 130 lbs.

Steve was great in directing me through the protocol and making me feel comfortable. I will provide the results when they are given to me and how each machine measured up.

I did finish the day at work and managed to stay alert. Good thing I used today as an “OFF” day. I needed one anyway.


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