Despite a pleasant day, I blew a tire about 30 miles into my ride and was unable to repair it (the tire that is) until my TEAMMC SAG vehicle got there. Plans were scrapped as I took advantage of the time to head to The Bike Shop to get things fixed. Fortunately, Tony and Joanne were not only able to help me quickly (they close early on Sunday) but they re-configured my crank system by using some of their genuine “McGyverisms”. It saved me in a project I wanted to get done, and now I have it for my 3 big weeks before I taper. Awesome jobs crew!

So now I just have to readjust the week and make it work. I was following 2 plans but will now be utilizing one specific workout format. I am motivated by such a “disappointment”. Montauk will happen, it just wasn’t to be today, and we are now a little wiser in how we approach it too.
Not a loss if you learn something from it.

(ed note: I got a 122 miler in on Tuesday anyway)

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