Yes, I was determined to do a ride to Montauk. My coach Gina and I planned on a drop off point where I ended my last attempt. It was cool, and I wore my bodysuit,arm/leg warmers, and a windbreaker. The roads were quiet, my Rio was rockin’, and I got in the groove – counted 10 roadkill too. A slight tailwind aided me and the sun rose with blue skies. Gina did a good job meeting me at 20m marks, but a couple of snafus -wasn’t a problem but let’s just say she gets worried about making mistakes and I didn’t see here after the 40m mark – forced us not to meet up until Montauk (she also got stuck in the traffic by the Hamptons).
I peeled off layers of clothing and soon just wore the bodysuit. It was nice and warm indeed. I pushed the tempo the last 20 miles and made it to Montauk in under 6 hrs, averaging 18 mph comfortably since it was an easy long ride – 106 miles. Redemption indeed! I stretched on some grass in the middle of the road  and soaked up the sun. Gina got over her worry and realized she “might need some more practice rides and some valium for Ironman week”. She did great.
From there, we made sure we were mentally alert at a Starbucks since our day wasn’t over.
We headed to the Bushman’s (Jimmy, Susie, Kerri, and James – you too Chris and Timmy) for a visit and shamelessly jumped in their new pool. Talk about a way to get a second wind! Their hospitality can get infectious real quick. The pool was like a jacuzzi with the water jets and my dawgs took the time to get massaged. We were in no rush. A quick 15 minute nap and boom – recharged for tomorrow’s workouts.
After this week it is a downward decline in training to taper for Idaho.

Special thanks once again to the Bushman’s for their invitation and of course to Gina for acting as coach and SAG support for the ride (and Happy Birthday!).

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