With 10 days to go, I am into my taper for the Ironman. I am feeling the “hyper-recovery” involved with the taper I am following, and am beginning to prepare myself mentally for the challenge that is Ironman. It has been a long 15 weeks and other than a few aches from getting into bball action from SKS Summer League late night games (I plan on improving ALOT on my play, but it is a fun twist to my workouts), I am intact.
The preparation has been there both physically and with Gina’s help, the itinerary has been taken care of with great precision. It should be a great trip. I hope to place within the top 5 of my age group in order to secure a World Championship spot in Hawaii. It will be a challenge, but this is what Ironman is about.
I have been on an “Amy’s Bread” diet spurred on by the experiment of the movie “Super-Size Me”. But this one is different: Amy’s has all the GOOD stuff to meet the energy demands of an athlete like myself. I actually LOST a few pounds but by tapering should be able to regain that needed weight for the race. I will outline the actual “diet” in my next journal as a sidebar note.
Until then, the anticipation continues to build.

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