The following are items from Amy’s Bread I mixed and combined over the past month during my heavy training period for Ironman. Though I didn’t use the food items as my only source of calories which included: energy bars/drinks, cereal (Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls mixed with Bear Naked granola), supplements, drinks (soymilk), the occassional dinner out, oh and Tasti-D-Lite, Amy’s Bread could account for 80% of my diet.

Breakfast: Applesauce donuts, PB&J, whole-wheat irish soda bread, date/walnut quickbread, oat scones, chewy walnut strips, zucchini/carrot/apple muffins (yes all in one).

Snacks: biscotti, pumpernickle/currant or whole wheat oat pecan bread twists (Tasti-d-Lite mostly since I usually work the later shifts)

Dinners: Assorted Salads, veggie miche, brie/apple, turkey rollups, turkey/avacado, tuna melt, eggplant/goat cheese sandwiches.

Desserts (indulging only in moderation): blondies, coconut dream bars, apple/walnut cake, black/white cake, white-chocolate cherry chunk cookies.

The movie “Supersize Me” got me curious to see what would happen if someone ate nothing but healthy foods for a month, especially during an intense training period? I actually LOST a few pounds! Now with the tapering portion for the race I will eventually gain back but I think I can confidently say it is possible for Amy’s Bread to fuel a person’s dietary needs everyday. All the items can even be made by purchasing her bread and shopping for the other ingredients at a supermarket.

Well, it is off to Idaho on Wednesday and all the action can be accessed at I want to thank all TEAMMC for their help and will proudly represent Brooklyn out West.

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