MAINEly Resting MC

This past week has been good in resting both my mind and body from the Ironman. Being able to breakdown the race in pieces, analyze what was good/bad, and taking time to relax while getting back into the groove at work, allowed myself to recharge. But my visit to Maine (AAA headquarters) certainly re-energized me to set my sights on the next goal.

You can’t beat the perfect holiday getaway with perfect hosts only a car drive away. I acted as part tour guide for Gina who was able to get an idea of the Maine lifestyle. We had great weather to check out the lighthouses, saw the fireworks up close with Anjie and Andrew, shop, and basically hung out. It forced me to rest (and I even got to drive the Mini!!). Sure I got a bit ansy seeing the runners and cyclists hitting the roads, but that was what I needed (and I did get a few runs in).

SO what am I going to do now? Well, I intend to use the next 8 weeks to regain my strength and conditioning using workouts designed for basketball season, and slowly introducing the tri-workouts as August approaches. I am looking at Lobsterman in Freeport the week after Labor Day. I like that race, it is short, and allows me to go back to Maine.

Long term, my TEAMMC connection Brian Casatelli is eager to try his first triathlon. He has been bugging me to visit him and he is updating me on his training. I now have no reason NOT to go. Oh yeah, it’s in Thailand! You got it, time to see Asia. I’ve been globe hopping but not beyond Europe. It is the Laguna Phuket Triathlon in November- a cross distance race slightly shorter than a half-ironman, but good for something to save up for and experience. Adding to the pressure is that his Mom wants to go and he is arranging everything once I get there. Heck, let’s do this!

So that is what I will be doing the summer months. It should allow my body and mind to build a solid base into the 2005 season while not forcing me into any high volume work for an ironman or marathon (well maybe a few weeks worth).

Thanks again to our hosts Anjie and Andrew for a great weekend (and the spin in the Mini).


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