It has been an interesting month. I slowly got back into the training groove while competing in the St. Stans’s annual summer bball league. It was fun to play while getting acquainted with some old faces (and hearing how out of shape or old they were). Sure enough, it proved just enough of a spark to plan and prepare for the final races on the year.
I enlisted the help of Scot Wilingham who organizes Shank Productions to check my biking skills. He made some observations, advised me on some workouts to do, and got me to mandating using the heart montior again for all workouts. I did get lax in monitoring my workouts this way but I can say the past 4 weeks have been great in being able to “tune in” again. Due to the unpredictable work schedule, I am now use to the 4am wake up call to hit the Y, then bike to work, eventually going to my second session right after, then taking care of any chores to finish the day. Can’t say I watch some of the Olympics, but the ticker kinda ruins the suspense.
I have to be careful since I have assumed the duties of Athletic Office Manager at St. Joe’s come September. Don’t get overworked here, though I will have to make some concessions. I am feeling fine and am closely watched by my other “coach” Gina and her crew. She keeps me in check indeed. One advantage to St. Joe’s is access to yet ANOTHER gym.

Special thanks go out to Gail Wiley of BioFreeze for their supply of product for the fall season at St. Joe’s and the Get to the Point 5K race. Your gear is on the way.
Also to the crew at for the new edition of TEAMMC training wear.

Next up is a tuneup half-marathon in Central Park before going to Freeport, Maine to race in the Lobsterman Triathlon. In October, the 5k race will be on the schedule and finalizing the year with the Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Thailand. It will be an interesting stretch and we all know the days are going by quickly. Use them well.

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