She Got to the Point!

Sunday was St Stan’s annual 5K run which is a festive day of kids’ dashes, a 5k run, and a post-race party that many in the Greenpoint community really look forward to. Another eason for FPC to spend the whole day holding a microphone and rousing up the crowd the whole day.

This year I was unable to race due to my training schedule for the Laguna Phuket triathlon in Thailand and having to work weekends (hey, a small price since Amy’s is letting me go away for 11 days). However, I was able to get my girlfriend (and coach, compadre, nurse, etc.) Gina to race. This was her second 5k this year and she was trying to break 35 minutes. She hasn’t been able to train specifically enough for the course since her schedule has been pretty wacky, but with TEAMMC member (and her best friend) Dawn as support crew, her nerves were better than normal.

She did very well! She completed the race in a personal best of 34:57 (which included a brief walk break she confided). She said her and Dawn had a great time and that the post-race party was “something else”. They enjoyed the afternoon there and were thankful for the help from all the volunteers, especially Christine Dziegielewski. Gina said she definitely wants to do this one next year. I am proud of her – though I wish she got a little more pompous about it!

I am training very well (despite the darkness) in my preparations for Thailand as all my travel plans have been settled. A very pecial THANK YOU to Sheila Long who donated her SkyMiles to me which drastically reduced the cost of my airfare. My TEAMMC member Brian in Thailand has lined up the whole itinerary for us (he’s racing too). My only concern is the long flight, but being the last race of the year, I HOPE I come home exhausted only because I’ll still get home for Thanksgiving and look forward to the month of ‘chillin’ (and so does Gina).

Laguna Phuket Triathlon: November 20th

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