Ready for Thailand

During this week of dropping temps here in NYC, I am starting my taper for the final race of 2004: the Laguna Phuket Triathlon in Thailand, where current temps are 90 degrees and 70% humidity.

My decision to race in Asia was due to not qualifying for Hawaii, an urging of TEAMMC member Brian Casatelli (who has been living in Asia for the past 4 years) to visit, and a generous donation from one Sheila Long.

Brian has entered the race to experience his first triathlon (a mid-distance Ironman to say the least) and has made all the arrangements of my itinerary once I get there including – race entry, travel to Phuket Island, and hotel resort reservations. He also has planned a great touring experience AFTER the race in Bangkok where he resides. I will be joined by his mother and sister, though they will arrive a day before the race and stay with him through the holiday.

The trip also would not have been possible without the donation of SkyMiles by Sheila Long. This reduced the cost of airfare to almost free and with that she becomes with Brian the sponsors for this trip. They both, in addition to any race mementos collected, will receive TEAMMC cycling jerseys.

Gina Paoloni has been instrumental in monitoring my training, race prep, mental focus (with work schedules being wacky the past month, I wavered often), and overall wellness. A recent fall off my bike resulted in a tailbone bruise and has been improving thanks to her treatment (no details here!). ed note: She makes great banana bread folks!

A thank you also goes to Scot Willingham of Shank Productions for continued coaching in my cycling training.

The race is on Saturday Nov 20th but there is a 12 hr time difference. The travel will be a challenge as I lose a day going and is my first trip to Asia. I DO get to return in time for a full day of Thanksgiving (and there are many) and beginning of a much needed rest period.

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