I am back home as of this Thankgsgiving morning. Actually, I left yesterday Thanksgiving morning, but I flew back into time chasing the sun, so my thanksgiving is 48 hrs long. No jet lag despite 2 hrs sleep (not yet anyway) and can’t wait to have some non-Thai food!! Not that it was bad, just missed some home cookin’. Gina was able to wisk me from the airport this afternoon and forunately I had no problems with the flights either way.

Looking back, WOW! Asia is something else. I was a bit weary from Bangkok in that it is very similar to NYC, but actually I think it is worse, sans the weather (85+degrees). Drivers, mopeds, stray dogs, tuk-tuks, no traffic patterns, congestion, forget about it. NYC cabbies got nothing on these guys.
Phuket, to me, is where its’ at. We got to relax, do pre race rides, runs, and swims, and chill by the pool to mentally recharge.
The sights in Bangkok were memorable, namely the revolving terrace on the top floor of the tallest building, the King’s palace, Buddha’s temples, malls/movies, and the river cruise restaurant. Whatever fears one has of the water and food is not true, just be wary when going to one of the MANY food vendors. Though I did find it odd that most items are super-undersized! Luckily Brian was a steady influence on recommending stuff.
But overall it was an experience – do you believe there is a golf course on the runway of the Bangkok airport! The fact that I was able to come home with a great finish (Brian too) and an slot in Ironman Japan was worth it. Heck, I get to bring Gina next time definitely! She already put time out for it! No way I’m going to miss another trip like this without her.
It was more memorable since Brian had his mom and sister there and are actually spending the next week with him. He has decided to return home to the USA after 4 years. It will be great to have him back. The fact that I got the opportunity to make the trip just reminds me of how important it is to “make things happen” when the chance is there.

Now I get the rest of the month “off” as I recover FULLY and prepare a game plan for next year. Don’t worry, Gina will hold me to at least that part of the deal. Already the xmas songs are playing on the radio and the season I love most is in effect. It has been a truely memorable year and we were able to cap it off with a fine performance.
I want to thank all of TEAMMC for theri continued support and look forward to accomplishing more goals in 2005.


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