The close of the year is a great time to reflect on things good/bad, stuff you could have/should have done, and things you still have on that “to do” list that you just never got around to actually “doing”.
After a month to relax, ease into a fitness-type training phase, and getting a taste of the “cold”, I feel good. Pretty damn good.
To realize that just a month ago I was swimming-biking-running on the very island that was just leveled by a tsunami, I’ve had people say I was lucky. Call it luck, but I also chose not to go into work the day of 9/11. I don’t need to be reminded on how precious our time is and how to make the most of our opportunities. I am happy to have been able to experience a part of the world that was indeed beautiful, a tropical paradise, yet sorry for those who now have had that EVERYDAY experience swept away in a matter of hours.

I store a vast memory bank of those good/bad things I have done, those should have/could have moments, and aim to tackle every bit on my “to do” list without breaking down and keeping an element of fun in my life. I had a few days after Christmas of being a bit “run down” with a cold, but it is because I tried to fit 25 hours into my days (heck, I love xmas time).
Now as the new year approaches, I am ready to fully set my sights on 2005. With it, my goals are pretty similar: comtinue to improve myself as a person by learning, experiencing, and participating in what life offers. With that, returning the favor to make those around me improve theirs.

I am anxious to prepare for Ironman Japan in May. It is and will remain my main athletic goal. I am including the Boston Marathon to the list of events and a few local races TBD in March, but all my focus will be on Japan. Gina has been great in making sure I remained in “pretraining” mode this month and herself is preparing for the coming months (let alone a few 5K’s of her own). Thought she knows now what it is like to spend a year with MC, I too know how important she is to me and we have made great stides in our “teamwork”.
I also continue to be active as a volunteer in our St Stans’s league and work at St. Joe’s College. The leagues are in full swing with their sports and the fun never ends.

I want to thank ALL of you for your support and wish everyone the best in acheiving their goals in 2005. To make it easier: be on guard, stay strong, disciplined, and make a commitment to a TEAM. Life is better this way.


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