Jumbi wa i deska?

After 4 weeks of building a base for the upcoming season, I am both mentally and physically ready to handle the commitment and stressors of training for an Ironman. Gina and I have finalized the travel plans, we have mapped out the 15 week program, and have been given clearance to proceed by my docs. Despite the range in weather and bitter cold last week, nothing has been a problem to our preparation. We are ready.

I have gotten into the flow of how my schedules are and am comfortable with the quirks that could cause an adjustment to the training. Now as oppose to last year, my focus is totally on this race. The only event on the calendar before Japan is the annual trip to Boston for the marathon. It fits nicely into the training and we will use it as a “big” weekend like last year while checking out the scenes (its a week after my birthday).

The bikes have been serviced and overall budget set, though some fund-raising will need to continue.

This will be hard “fun” work: the transformation of self, shedding of fears, pushing the envelope, all that makes this race special will evolve within me over the next 4 months. I have felt it a bit in this base period and can anticipate it like another Christmas.

Thanks to Shank Productions for the opportunity to serve as a model in their most recent bike demonstration and tips on the new strength training program.

A quick notice to check out the action at St. Joe’s where both men and women basketball teams are closing their seasons with great wins and hopes on their tournament games. And as usual, SKS has always something going on for the kids. I also had the opportunity to volunteer a day at the Holy Apostle Soup Kitchen during the ice-cold days to see that despite the rough weather, Clyde and his crew continue to service the needy with warm hearts.

I also welcome Brian (and fiance) back to the States for good and a new training partner come Spring.

Thanks again!


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