As I prepare to getaway this weekend to attend the New England Tri Expo in MA, I have been able to feel and see the effects of Phase 1 training.
My current setup enables me to put the time in to train like a pro, but being the first time I have prepared for an Ironman in this fashion, have to make sure I don’t blowup and burnout before Japan.
Under the VERY close eyes of my coach (G) and input from Scot at Shank, I get more input to how I am going about the program and the other voice that serves as a better critic. This being an active recovery week, it is time to take the necessary notes and “mix” things up to prepare for the next phase.
I hope to attend a few seminars and take part in some testing during the quick weekend visit and sample a few products at the expo. But mostly it is to just take a drive away and spend some quiet time with St. Gina. Then it is back home to Phase 2.

Congrats to the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams at St. Joe’s who are competing in their National tournaments this week.

Live it up,

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