Thought I love the Weather Channel for getting my forcast help, they kinda screwed me and Gina this weekend. Saturday Gina was in the Revlon 5k run/walk as part of a team raising money for breast cancer. Since I have Saturday as a scheduled “rest” from training, I got to play coach this time and be her domestique. It was a chilly rain but workable since it didn’t pour. We arrived at Times Square about an hour before start and there were ALOT of people already waiting around. I was surprised at the turnout for a 5k. She wanted to get near the start since the rest of her team was walking. We needed to get done and back in order to travel up north for her mother and nephew’s birthday party held at her brothers’ house. Well, don’t ask me why but we were huddled in a pack for a good 20 minutes waiting for all the “introductions” of guests of honor who probably weren’t doing the thing. It was amusing to see the variety in people wearing only their running gear (shivering) to those with raincoats AND umbrellas (also shivering).

We had our raingear (at the verge of shivering)but I carried the knapsack and got to trail her along the course. We went off but had to walk/hop/skip our way around the crowd and puddles before finally entering the park and having room. She has been battling allergies lately but did very well along the course – she never gets to run in Central Park. She finished strong in a time of 38:30 (its not listed since it is a fun run). What rain? By now we had warmed up, enjoyed the atmosphere and there was plenty of grabbags to chose from. It was fun and I was proud of her. She now has a goal time and looks forward to another in June (oh, did she know that?) She gave me the finishers’ tshirt too!

We went through the day continuing to get wet walking to the train, then walking at Woodbury Commons during a quick windowshop while at her brothers’. A long day indeed and we were tired that night. But the Weather Channel predicted it to be clear for my race in LI on Sunday morning.

Sure enough, no change. Misty, cool, windy.

We prepared for another round as we headed to LI. I like this race as a nice tuneup to see how my legs are from Boston, and now with 3 weeks to go until Japan. I wanted to do this progressive: descending miles and finish strong. Not that many people around since the weather was now dreary and with a steady rain. No national anthem, no ready-set-go, just a sudden horn at exactly 8am.

By mile 5 my sneakers were squeaky soaked and so were my clothes. Puddle jumping was part of the strategy (but I just went through them by now) and volunteers handed out only water in dixie cups. They had a poor turnout due to weather, so I just stayed on plan hoping not to cramp up. I made my way up through the early packs and then had only a few guys to pass towards the end. The coolest part was seeing your speed on those radar overhangs on one of the local stretch of roads. My final 3 miles were 6,5:50, and 5:49. I finished in a tie for 12th place at 1:19 and felt fine – sort of. I quickly made my way out of the muddy finish area, met Gina and cooled down. But by the time we walked back to the car, I was chilly and my knees ached a bit from running in my soaked sneakers. We headed back home and I spun on the bike for an hour to loosen up and prevent any cramping. By the time we changed, showered, and had breakfast, the sun was out and we walked around to “soak” it up the rest of the afternoon. Man, it felt good. Gina got my finishers’ tshirt so we were able to swap gifts from races this weekend!

Now we are all set on Japan. Our team meetings have laid everything out and as I prepare my slow taper, I am getting excited (G has already got a week on me in this area).

We no longer fully trust the weather channel too.


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