After losing a day travelling into Tokyo, then taking a jumbo taxi to the domestic terminal airport, THEN a flight to Nagaskai, we hoped on the last bus that took us to our hotel. And we did not see the sun go down until then! Yes travel is the first test to get to this race. We did VERY well making the swift tansfers. Gina and I planned alot for this part making plans a,b, and c in some cases. The people here are very polite and we managed the language thing- lots of “arigato”.

But it did not end there. We were in bed by 9:30 and slept solid in our kimonos and slippers (provided in every hotel here). The beds are small and seperated by about a foot. They do have baseball on the TV though. We found plenty of the oddities you expect to find when visiting other countries. Breakfast here is one: small salad, small coffee, juice, bread, jam, and egg. I think my Metrx bar was bigger than that. Good thing we brought a jar of PB!

We walked to the port where we needd to catch a ferry. We had a few hours but we found a Starbucks! We sampled some of the drinks in the vending machines too. You can get anything in one of those, even cup of noodles! We met a few racers from Canada and New Zealand but no Americans yet. The ferry was another 4 hr ride but we sat on a bench outside and got plenty of air. We finished all of our magazines and took a nap (gotta see the video of the area people stay during the ferry). Sure enough it was a 2 minute walk to the hotel and WE MADE IT! Now I can think about racing an Ironman! Oh Fuk-ue.

We found a fruit store, grocery place and where all the registration and stuff and were pleased it is all within a 3 minute walk. After putting the bike together and watching another ballgame, we slept like bricks again in our even smaller hotel room, but hearing from our pals in other hotels, we got it pretty good.

Japan is expensive too. Budget was certainly something we planned in detail too and it has helped.

I ran and biked a bit this morning and Gina did her jog. No one was up. We accidentlly left the alarm clock on while we were out and Gina said she came in to here it ringing LOUD. OOPS. She also managed to find the shopping channel on the TV. She has been great since this is here first oversea trip in a few years. I am glad she is here.

We managed to find an internet place that is free too all competitors. Thing is you gotta find it. Armed with plenty of maps, we did and also a Chicago pizza place. We have a race meeting later and then relax time. We are doing all our sightseeing now. Weather is mild and comfy- 19 degrees (oh, sorry about 60 in AM and up to 75 in PM).

Tomorrow they have a group swim and bike along with gear checkin. I will stay low and sit near the dock and get the mind set. We have knocked off whatever jetlag so its time to settle in. We are 13 hrs ahead of NYC. Stay tuned.

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