Sowe spent the day walking around and checking out the sights.Weather was warm and sunny. The marketplace was crowded and we got a chance to see the characteristics of the people. The school children each wear uniform colors based on their grade and when we passed by they would practice their english on us! The race organizers have enlisted the children to volunteer. The wholeisland gets involved since the race course encompasses it, and since the 5 cities recently unified into one (GOTO CITY) it seems everyone is excited.

The green bracelet each racer wears ids us to all. We get discounts on food items, etc.(much needed). Gina and I have managed pretty well here, though you often get one thing said and another depending on who you ask. It can be confusing, but adds to the adventure. Gina kinda gets upset about it, but she has held her own. She was able to get a ticket on a family bus which will take her to various points of the course on race day. You are even allowed to cross the finish line with family!

Today we got up early (we like getting use to the 8 hrs sleep) to take the bus to the swim start. The ocean water was calm and despite being about 70 degrees, was easy towarm up to. It feels fast and the water is clear enough to see the plant life below. Simply Beautiful. After checking in the bike and prepacking the various race bags, we are going to try and get to Mass at a nearby Catholic Church. Then it is an early dinner and rest of the body and mind. We were able to catch some of the NYY and NYM game, but its either SUMO or Japanese Baseball in the evenings.

I hope to do well. Everything feels good, just a big long day. My experience is to take it all in, but to myself, I want to have a strong race. I will have all of you in my mind and heart tomorrow to help me cross that finish line.

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