After a few weeks of “recovery” (even tee-ing off at the driving range) and two weeks of preliminary training to get in some basework, I am ready to prepare for the final 2 races of 2005. On the list include the Timberman in New Hampshire (August 22) and the Mighty Montauk (Oct 2) both of which are half-ironmans: 1.2m swim / 56 mile bike / 13 mile run. The Lobsterman in maine has been cx’d due to a “red tide” so we won’t be making the trip to Freeport this year.

I have been eager to get back into the game after testing some newer nutritional products, working on changes to my bike, and mixing things up to how I plan out my training schedule (including the mandatory “rest day” that Gina kindly implemented and enforces). The weather is getting into the HHH days of summer so Gina and I have already begun our “escapes” to Long Island (thank you Bushmans for access to the pool). We planned out July already and now refer to a monthly calendar to create our weekend visits, trips, and personal getaways (“Can we do this?” “Uh what do we have already on that day?”). I think the Japan experience has sharpened our ability to mutitask our weekends and hit 3-4 different things.

I have been playing some bball with the crew at SKS and it has been fun to get in a late run while catching up with guys you pretty much only see during this time of year. The battle of chess-masters has been a weekly contest between Yoda and the Young Jedi in the Carbone backyard.
I can still beat the old man.

So that’s the update now and will continue for the next 8 weeks. So get out there and enjoy the summer – isn’t this what we asked for back in February?


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