Ahh, nothing like the good ol’ days of summer heat and humidity in NYC. Ok, but 2 weeks in a row is crazy! After week 1, I thought I was well acclimated. In fact, with a few cool days I was really feeling good. Then this week we got hit with another scorcher (and melter). It wasn’t too bad to be honest. The only reason I say that was because I had a new product I was testing and utilized extremely well. It left me saying, “What heat? Bring it on!”.

I am in week 4 of an 8 week program tp prepare for Timberman. This weeks’ lower volume sessions (but intense) coincided with me working the CK Girls Basketball Camp in Middle Village. FPC was running the show and needed help. I was in charge of coaching a team of older division girls (we went 6-1) and running the defensive station drills. It was funny the first two days since it was hell literally with the weather and seeing everyone struggle to get through the day. I even had to work the drills for an hour- two days in a row – OUTSIDE! The looks on the girls faces when the came out from the gym made me just crack up! They acted like they got hit with a ton of bricks.

I used the week as a challenge. I optimized the protocol for ELETE water while putting in 90+ minutes of training in the morning, riding the bike to camp and back, and going through camp itself. I must have sweated 5-10 lbs a day but maintained hydration, recovery, and energy levels with ELETE. That’s not to say that once I got home I blasted the AC and took a cold shower and slept like a baby. I want to thank ELETE for the opportunity to endorse their product. I definitely believe in it and put in a good two weeks of experimenting to convince myself (Gina won’t touch it though or try it).

This month I also rode to Ellenville (ahh the mountains!) for the SKS picnic bash and got to see my first rock concert. Man, that was fun! I always said my first concert would have to be Def Leppard and they didn’t disappoint. Anj and Jings came down from Maine for it too so it was a double treat. Gina and I also took in a minor league ball game sitting way out in the bleachers. No homers or balls our way, though I almost had the urge to topple a kid for a tshirt they shot in the stands.
Bball league is going well but I love getting intense on defense and working on driving to the hoop. But hitting my shots consistently is another work in progress.

I had a disagreement with JAL airlines on a charge I received from Ironman Japan but that has been resolved and was published, I believe, in Triathlete magazine. I have yet to see the article myself, but they did help me (along with Tri All 3 Sports) in resolving the issue.

That’s the scoop! Hope you stay cool and continue your training despite the weather and look forward to the second half of my program.


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