WHOOOOOO! The heat and humidity haven’t let up for 2 weeks already. I’ve mixed things up and forced myself to attempt mid-morning to afternoon workouts in order to fully acclimate to the weather. Armed with ELETE it hasn’t been a problem, however it does however require time to recover the rest of the day (unless you dip in Pops’ pool). I have had to be careful after diving for a loose ball in a bball game and being toppled by another player. I had hurt my neck but my ribs and hip were sore the next few days. It hurts most taking very deep breaths.
I got an xray (after a long run in the city) to confirm a hairline fracture of my left 12th rib. Doctor D at Lenox said I’d be fine but it would  take a few weeks to fully heal on its own. I took it easy for 2 bball games but we have won 5 in a row and finished in second place. We have been playing great and everyone is stepping up thanks to the urging of ‘Coach’ Longo. Next week are the playoffs and I’m glad I won’t miss it since I leave on Friday.
I took a few long ‘escape’ rides out to the Island and subsequent dips in the ocean or pool. With a week to go I will do a short taper for the race. The Timberman is going to be a big party all weekend so Gina and I are looking forward to our first getaway since Japan.

Thanks again to the crew at Dr. D’s and the hospitality of those who find me on their front porch after a ride or run (Bushmans, Litl’ Miss, Sheila, Tim and Karen).

Stay cool!

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