BACK TO BASICS (Training that is)

After a good 4 week “break” from structured training, getting some good days to “sleep-in”, and seeing my cross-country team at St. Joe’s come in second in their conference championships (and having the overall winner!), I am going to begin getting into a routine building a good solid base for 2006. Once I get medical clearence from the crew at Dr. D’s and an assessment from TEAMMC PT Sue Eby, the plan will be in full action.

Gina and I have already planned and booked the big events for next year. She also has begun a workout program with more structure and enjoys the cooler weather to get more runs in. I will do an 8 week program that will focus mostly on the basics, gaining some strength, while still putting in some alter-activities to make it interesting (eg, bball practice). There will also be a change in purpose to 2006.

I had sent out an email to my main TEAMMC sponsors to inform them of my goals for the new year (in addition to Hawaii qualification). I will be fundraising for St Stan’s Athletic League, which enters its 17th season – half of my life and of which I have been a part of – in order to offset the increased costs that the League now encounters. I can’t emphasize how much this program means to myself and the youth in the community of Greenpoint. One just needs to view the website ( and can expect to spend a few hours seeing how much we have accomplished.

Without this program, I would not have been able to achieve what I have athletically and in my development as a person. I have been active as a volunteer now for almost 10 years in every capacity and now will use my races to promote the League (you’ll see me constantly with some type of SKS gear on anyway). I am reaching out to raise funds this year for their benefit. If you would like to donate or know someone who would, please feel free to contact me at the number below or mail your donation to

St. Stan’s Athletic League
c/o Mark Carbone
48 Diamond St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

I look forward to the holiday season and seeing as many of you on my visits.


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