Tis The Season

This is my favorite time of year. The swing from Thanksgiving into Christmas brings the colder days of winter to adjust to, the frantic pace of shoppers in stores (and internet), and the time spent with friends and family. You can’t beat it.

It is also a time to reflect and prepare for the new year. Taking a few moments to quiet yourself and all that around you enables one to really see what was great/bad about 2005 and what plans can be set for 2006.

Gina and I like to get the tree up, decorate, play that Christmas music and relax after a long day just staring at the lights. I try to get in touch with those I don’t get to talk to often, visit as many as I can, and well, not worry about getting that 8 hours of sleep or training session. Sure I still am building a steady base for 2006, but mostly unstructured, training to train sort of plan: hitting the weights and doing a few swim/bike/run workouts per week. Gina has been pretty busy at work, but we both already sent out our cards and did 80% of our shopping. By the time the weekend comes, we are both beat. We have even started doing a Saturday workout together at the Y.

With donations from Mary Casatelli and Dawn McCarthy, TEAMMC is sponsoring an intramural team at St Stans’s this year. We have been joined by Malley’s Express (with their own team) and look forward to contributing to the youth program while seeing our business names on the kids’ shirts. Visit www.ststansal.org to see updates on the program throughout the year.

The St Joe’s Men’s and Women’s BBall teams are in swing too at www.sjcny.edu

So enjoy this season to reflect 2005 and prepare for 2006. I hope you embrace the season where everyone gets to be Santa Claus in some form to spread that feeling to another.

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