Back from Cali

What a way to start the new year – a week in California. I traveled with the Lady Bears to a series of games that were scheduled against teams in the Ontario area, which is about 30 miles east of LA.

My training wasn’t going to be interrupted since I did some good research on the area locating where fitness clubs were and how to get around the local streets. Though as with most of these trips (especially those with FPC) I was lucky to get 4-5 hrs sleep a night. After all this is work.

We departed early last week amid terrible rain but once we set foot in LA, it was nothing but sunny skies, 50-80 degree weather, and spectacular views of the mountains across from our hotel. As the team unpacked, I went out for a quick hour run to get some air and get an idea of how things were. We then went from scounting the teams in 3 different locations which caused a flurry of car shuttling and began the first of a many late night endings. The team won their first game, but had lost a hard fought one in the first round of the Redland tournament. They struggled into the next day losing the consolation game and as the week ended going into Monday’s game, the team looked a bit beat up with sore knees, feet, shoulders, and a back.

It seemed they were ready to get back to home.

They did get to enjoy a day of checking out a UCLA Women’s BBall game while some checked out Universal. Sunday was a good day for them to regroup while seeing the sights of CA. Earlier in the week we also got to do a quick walk along Hollywood Blvd and monitor the nightlife but not before experiencing LA traffic for 90 minutes (worse than NYC). Finally what’s a trip to CA without a walk along Venice Beach (some of us rented bikes), soaking the feet in the Pacific, and seeing what looks like a daily ritual of everyone standing on the shore watching the sunset. These opportunities we great for the team to see something other than a basketball court and the four walls of their hotel room, especially with the warm weather.

I had to accompany a player back a day early due to her citizenship test so I did not get to see the result of Monday’s game. But getting back early was a small blessing as I used Tuesday to catch up on sleep, then at SJC with all the mail, messages, and paperwork that piled up at the office. I also spent a good amount of time cleaning up FPC’s area so he had a clean desk to wreck again once he got back.

I still feel good as I resumed training (I used the flight trip back as a day off). The workouts I did in CA were great in that I focused on my runs each day and explored the mountains, golf course, and local streets (found a church), making the 60-90 minute runs go by very quickly. I was able to use the California Fitness Center for 2 days gratis where I did my long workouts (3 hrs) and intervals. The problem was maintaining my recovery on 4 hrs sleep while going through the day attending the team’s needs. I’ve traveled with the teams to know what to expect and prepare accordingly with bringing my own food, vitamins, and training gadgets. Needless to say I drank alot of the supercharged beverages and soaked up alot of sun.

But I think the team is ready to put together their usual Jan-Feb romp of winning streaks.

Ontairo is a beautiful, roomy, and quiet place to visit while being a secret in the foothills of LA. But not for long as many a construction was taking place on the many open fields.

Get there if you can.

Though I come back to “reality” I am still building my base while adding some tempo work and short intervals. Things are good.


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