AHH, what a winter, no? The mild temps have made these past 2 months easy to get some quality base work. Having completed a good 8 weeks worth, I am ready to get some more tempo work in, get a little regimented in my planning, and certainly more focused. It also helps to have Gina force the mandatory “rest” day once a week in order to recoup and prevent myself from overtraining (or as I like to call them “Absorption” days).

With St Joe’s BBall in the heart of their schedules, St Stan’s duty once a week, and a day working at Amy’s, it can seem like a whirlwind of action each week. But it usually fits in nicely by being creative planning workouts and testing one’s resolve when the stress adds up ( I find it helps often to take a deep breath and smile). It’s been a good base compared to other years and with February just on the horizon, the transition to the next 4 week block will be smooth. There aren’t any trips to prepare for likew January had and I can focus more on getting key workouts in with the proper rest.

Hope your New year has gotten off to a great start and your goals are still written down for you to see each day. Be well!


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