During the first week of February, I was on a roll. Tempo workouts = check + good long sessions = check + wt training = check + work = all over the place + and sleep = not really. An equation like that, with all the base I accumulated and various temperatures could only equal to illness. Man did I get slammed.

I had my customary “rest day” on Super Bowl Sunday as G and I took to the town for a movie. That night, I had a lingering cough but really felt ok, just tired. Well, I woke up Monday in a severe chill, sweats, and fever. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want want to move. Whenever I get sick, this is how it goes. I was hurting – bad. For the next 4 days I gradually got better, eventually being checked out by Dr. D with a chest xray (ok, G made me go). She did a great job making sure I didn’t work out – only stretch and rest. I slept like 10 hrs a day and managed to go to work after that one day of total bed rest. Turns out, it’s what the body and mind needed. Sort of a forced recovery, I just didn’t know it. I accepted it and prepared to really keep an account of everything in detail in order to learn from this.

By that Thursday I started spinning, then slowly used the weekend to get back into it. Sunday’s snowstorm helped me get a good ride inside and as the city thawed out during the week, so did I and was back on track. Didn’t miss a beat. Body and mind was fresh, did a few tempo workouts, and made sure I got sleep! I managed a week similar to the one previous to my illness and had no problems. G got me into having soup and helped me make the decision not to race in the 10 miler. She wisely recommended me to do a long steady run, go easy, and don’t force anything or else get sick again (especailly with the cold weather returning and working till midnight at the bakery last night). The bigger races are important – you’re back on track so stay on it. I listened and it worked. I just might take a good nap today too.

I am happy to announce a sponsorship with Amino Vital as part of their Local Hero Program. I was selected based on my race application and will now endorse their gear and products at all my races and during training. It is a great opportunity for me and look forward to promote AminoVital this year. I have added a link to the website.

For now, I am happy to be improving gradually despite the setback and once March rolls around, to be really gearing up for Boston and the triathlon season. Never estimate the power of sleep and always listen to the woman!


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