Spring Into Action!

What a contrast of scenery this month based on the 2 trips I took with SJC teams. The first week of March was in NHampshire with the Men’s BBall team and it was lucky to be 10 degrees out. I spent alot of time on the hotel treadmill and was lucky to “cool off” in an indoor heated pool. This past week I was in Ft Myers were there was no rain, 65-85 degrees, and I was running outdoors, splitting time in a gym (have to give a shout out to Mike and Bill at BODY WORKS for all their help!) so I could get OUT of the heat, and “cooling off” in an OUTDOOR pool. Go figure.

Now it is back to the normal weather here in NYC and getting the best of both training environments. With the Boston Marathon less than a month away, I feel good to race at a pace I hope to accomplish at Lake Placid, while being able to spend ample time on the bike in between the March trips to focus on the Half-Ironman in St Croix.

Unfortunately, the SJC Men’s BBall team went 1-2 in their tournament (and the Women) while the Women’s Softball team certainly needed the 6 games to see their weaknesses in preparation for their season. I am all “tripped out” with SJC and look forward to staying put (at least for school purposes) for the rest of the semester. It has been one of the busiest sports travel seasons in SJC history.

Now it is all about gearing up for TEAMMC’s race season. Gina has been great in making sure that we are both on the same page despite a cold and a hectic work schedule. She certainly is my IronSherpa and as one article mentioned so precisely: “an IronSherpa is the person who really deserves all the glory but instead gets most of the toil. Behind every great Ironman is a greater IronSherpa.” (Active.com story 2/9/06 by Roman Mica).

With her, I am more confident than ever in not only my races, but in accomplishing the goals in my everyday life (heck – OUR lives).

Thanks to the support from AminoVital, my nutrition should be easier to handle with with less trips to GNC. They have been great in making sure I will be well stocked for training and racing.

Finally, I am getting an opportunity to be a subject volunteer for a NYU study where they place you in an MRI for an hour and scan brain images while listening to political speeches! I have never been in an MRI so see this as a dual chance to do something unique. I’ll let you know how that goes!

I don’t know how people live in NH during the winter – honestly (unless you have a cool setup in your house). When I compare it to those living in Florida at the same time, you gotta remember you are 1000 miles apart and in the same country. Fascinating! That’s why I love to travel. And the people! Forget it: bundled up you can hardly see them vs. grey haired, tanned, and driving in convertables after playing a round of golf.

So spring into action with your goals! The winter is behind us (or try to think so) and hopefully you’ve gotten a base to March forward.

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