Boston #10

The goal for this weekend was to just get through a nice long run and have some fun. I am still training for St Croix which is 3 weeks away and where my focus has mostly been. So we brought the bike and trainer on the trip to Boston again this year and with the weather nice, cool, and seasonable we looked forward to a good Easter weekend.

Once we got there (the Big Dig is almost complete), it was the usual: park car and leave it there, settle in, nap, hit the expo, then to Legal Sea Foods for dinner. We pretty much know how to get around town so we take our time walking (alot) and checking out the sights. Since it was a holiday weekend (and Patriot’s Day on Monday) it looked a bit emptier than normal, primarily just the runners.

I did my bike/run training on Sunday and then after a quick breakfast, Gina and I headed towards the wharf where we walked along he dock, through the marketplaces, then continued walking all the way back up to the Convention Area. It was very windy and cool which raised concern for a tough race day. We attended Mass at a chapel located in the mall and then made our way to Bertucci’s for our early pre-race dinner. We beat the crowds and made it back tot he hotel for an early bedtime. We had no problems sleeping each night either, though G was cold from the cool air I set in the room AC.

Race day: comfortable. Not windy. Good. We each went about our checklist and headed for the buses about 7:30. Once I loaded on to thr bus to Hopkinton, it would be the final time I would see G for 7 hrs. Kinda like Ironman, but on a different scale. G had her plan and now is a pro at this. I spent the next 45 minutes talking with a first-timer from San Jose making sure he didn’t freak out. But it was good to have your mind off the long ride into town. You don’t know how far you actually have to run until you get on that bus.

I made my way through the village and parked it next to the South Korean team while I had some “breakfast” and sipped my Amino Vital drink. They were chatty, took pictures with everyone, and made things a little loose. I met up with Jack Mo who works at Amy’s and we caught up on things running, tri’s, life, and meeting up afterwards. He was planning his race and we both made things comfortable for what was ahead. So 11:30 came and we made our way to the start. We wer both in the first wave which they changed this year and I have to admit – was a good plan. The BAA started 10000 at a time and made the crowds more managable. I almost made the rookie mistake of forgetting my time chip! Luckily I was still by my gear. Don’t know what to think when I see a guy in a pink ballerina outfit.

I entered the corral and made friends with a bunch of kids when I offered my St Joe’s sweatshirt and pants. Plenty of takers but only 2 lucky winners. The parents were appreciative but I was glad to offer.

Boom, and off you go!

To break it down since it all is a blur now:

Miles 1-5: easy does it. Glide down, make some room, let everyone go wild. Soak up the sounds, do a body check. Wind to our back, very comfortable, especially in my new Amino Vial gear head-toe. Listen to the cool bar bands playing at each mile.

Miles 6-10: made a second quick “relief” which is an art when you time a porto-san up ahead and see womeone leave, speed up and hit, then begin again. But now I was getting ticked and didn’t bother to drink much, just once every 2 miles. Pace was steady and kept it honest. Remember, I am racing St Croix and running Boston.

Miles 11-15: hit 1:30 for half, fine. Hills up ahead, no problems. Wellesley girls, wind still to back.

Miles 16-20: these aren’t hills but a welcoming from the downhills. Arms pumping strong. Consistently under 7 pace, nice and relaxed. Start seeing “dead” people.

Miles 21-25: Make sure you pass this juggler dude. See Dick Hoyt. MMmmmm, this sub 3 thing seems possible. Start to crank a bit: 6:45-6:35-6:25-6:10 you get the idea.

Mile 26: make that final turn and the crowds are nuts. See #10 in the bag and plenty of time to break 3. Hit the gas finish strong, enjoy the moment. Look for G.

That’s it in a nutshell. I get my bag, call G, head for a nice massage, hydrate, vitamins, and meet up with G for a warm hug. I felt great. Jack finishes 20 minutes later and we make plans to meet up for dinner. G and I headed back to the hotel to unwind where we drank big D/D iced coffees. It took a while for my stomach to get moving again, but we decided to met up for another Bertucchi’s run. I had no problem sleeping that night with a good “off” day to look forward to after a block of 10 training days. G made sure I lathered the BioFreeze overnight and she was right again.

The next morning we took our time before heading home. Based on the results, I finished in 2:57 and at the top 3% overall. Body feels fine to resume training and work tomorrow before a nice taper for St Croix.

Special thanks as always to Gina for being everything this weekend and to Amino Vital for their gear and products which I will use the rest of the year.

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