Prep for Placid

It took a while for G and I to get use to the 50 degree weather. The past few weeks I have used to settle back in to training, finishing another season of officiaing SKS games, check out a Mets game with friends, work a street fair for Amy’s, and work at SJC has all the signs of the summer coming around. I have given myself a good 10 weeks to prep for Ironman Lake Placid, but with my main focus to be on the Half-Worlds in November, I have taken the approach of being slightly “undertrained” for the event. Sure I’ll still put in the hours that normally come with Ironman, but the pressure will be eased with the goal of just beating my time from 2002 (yeah- that could also mean try to set a personal best!)

I have been diligent with the use of Polar’s heart monitors in all sessions so tracking my progress, effort, rest, and overall fitness has become more techincal, but efficient. I am part of Team Polar NYC and there are 7 of us who have been selected by Polar to represent the NYC market in the promotion of their new running and cycling models (RS200sd & CS200cad). We will be conducting clinics and retail apprearences through the rest of the year. It is a great opportunity and has renewed a vigor in my training for the second half of the year.

June will be a quiet month with steadier training and a possible new job. The only travel plans will be on the weekends where Gina and I try to escape the city. I hope everyone gets outdoors to soak up the sun and get in to some frequent exercise. It gets harder to sleep past 5:30 now that the sun is up and you feel you should stay out until 8pm when it sets! I love it!


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