As I head into the halfway point of year 2006, I wanted to share some thoughts about all things considered to reflect on. It wasn’t until this morning, spinning away through a smooth workout when I heard the song “Rooftops” from one of my favorite groups, Lostprophets. Basically the chorus tells one to “stand on the rooftop and yell your heart out”. A line in the song also mentions that “if it were to all end today, he would be set.”

There are a few songs that give me the “chill” – what I use to describe that enervation from listening to music and excite my whole body to garnish a second wind and enhances more focus during my training (namely Metallic, etc. primarily). But I guess it also comes with the usual preparation that comes with Ironman. Got to keep life in perspective right? Some songs can do that for you. Played at the right time, they can certainly keep you going and remind you of why you do what you do. The posters on the wall, the stickers, or the medals, there are objects that spur the memories of why you stay in the game.

Let me describe: this weekend was a great example of what I enjoy: I finished a long run near Prospect Park on Sunday to help pace Aaron Moore in his first 5K in 10 years. Aaron is a good friend back from the Hunter College XC team, where he helped develop me into the top runner. We had some great tough workouts and races back then and he remains the link to the other Hunter teammates I had at the time. Helping him break 24 minutes was a blast. The roles were reversed, me getting him back into race form, cheering along side him pacing him all the way. Even better was the two other friends/teammates that showed up to cheer as well: Frank and Dawn. We talked for a few hours that morning and it was great! (Then, it was back home for a great brunch with G – even better!)

With my main focus now on the World 70.3 Champs in November, I approach Lake Placid with a goal different from previous Ironmans. Sure I want to do a great time, and I am training well to hit that goal, but when you have the time to look around you and assess, you wonder the following: What will complete you? What makes you happy? Are you happy here? I sure as heck am earning well below my means (for a while now), but what has that enabled you to do/not do? I will race with more emotion than anything – that’s for sure.

I am always amazed at how people claim to try and keep in touch, have tons of media to do so, but no one really ever does (at least not soon or unless its convenient). Gina and I both have come to the conclusion of ending what we did last year during our weekend excursions: I ride to or near someone’s house and we hang out for a visit. Now, we’ll still ride out, but we’ll wait for the invitation. We found ourselves making the invitations and planning around them, then no contact after the visit. This doesn’t mean ceasing to be available, but just planning more time for ourselves. Sure I am guilty of the non-contact thing, but have adopted the tight-lipped approach of only offering to keep in touch when I really mean it. As my Pop told me, once a relationship becomes a one-way street in communication, let it go.

New York is a busy place. With all the new development, crowded, rushed environment, I am wondering if a change would be good – really good. It’s no secret that G and I both have been considering moving on to another state – it’s just a matter of when. Now these feelings are nothing really new to me, but they have indeed been growing each year. As I begin the second half of the year, with summer approaching, I will continue to assess, then reassess my life goals and see what’s “out there” during training and in the many observations when I am “still” and have time to really look around.

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