Lake Placid in Sight – and Mind

The past 12 weeks are coming to a close. With the date countdown on my Polar RS200 now set for 16 days, I am getting the mind in prep for the Ironman as my body slowly cuts the training the next 2 weeks. Over the holiday weekend, Gina and I were guests at The Mahoney’s in StonyBrook. After a long ride and small run, I settled in as Gina and Barbara (a friend and former co-worker) caught up on things. It was a perfect place to “getaway” and relax: a beach nearby, secluded roads, beautiful houses, and just plain QUIET. We did the cooking, which we never mind, but they made us feel right at home. I went for a long run while Gina did an equally long walk on Sunday to cover pretty much every inch of the area. Plain and simply a great time away, without really going away.

By the time Tuesday came, we lost track of the day. We are making the notes on what to pack for the race and I get the bib number on the 11th. I believe it is possible to track me during the race so stay tuned. We also got the chance to check out our possible end destination of Charlotte, NC and what it has to offer.

This weekend we get to stay at GWiz’s apartment at the OPAL. He is in Montreal and we agreed to take care of the dog. Another opportunity to “getaway” without going anywhere. I actually finished my training this morning running there and can’t wait! After taking the dog for a quick walk (I actually had to wake her up first) I can understand why GWiz selected this place. Simply fabulous.

I am much more relaxed going into this event so there will be no jitters or loss of sleep. We are looking forward to having a good time out there while representing Amino Vital and Polar. We expect to see alot of familiar faces too.

I hope you all get to enjoy the summer!!


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