And Then There Were 2

Where did August go??? Sure enough, the time flew by and we hardly got a chance to get use to the gradual decline of the early morning sun. Now it is almost 6:30 before the sun comes up! I can get through riding to the YMCA, spend 90 minutes in the pool, and still make it back to home before the sun comes up (but it makes for a very quiet and peaceful morning).

Training has been going extremely well as I gear up for the Lobsterman in Maine. Not quite sure I’ll be ready for the chill of the north, but it’s a short triathlon and it will be great to see family and train elsewhere. I also have been doing a lot of work for Polar and Amino Vital. I recently did a retail appearance at the Runners’ Edge in Farmingdale and I have to admit, the staff here is plenty fun while they run a great shop. Do check them out. We enjoyed it so much, Gina and I offered to volunteer this weekend at one of their fun runs.

Though she won’t be joining me in Maine, Gina has been working just as hard as we both look forward to our North Carolina trip in the winter. We’re budgeting (we went to basic cable so I haven’t yet experienced withdrawal from no ESPN or Weather Channel) and we are slowly organizing every aspect of what we need to plan. She even mandated I get blood work from Dr D’s to make sure I’m not overtraining. Tests are way fine (her’s too) thanks to her cooking and watchful eyes. At my Polar event, she surprised me with her knowledge of the product and was able to help a few customers! Awesome. BTW, if anyone knows how to play Big Kahuna, she’ll be a worthy opponent.

I am sure September will be just as quick with school beginning and the weekends used for coaching cross-country. Work has been great at Professional PT and I look forward to visiting their Performance Center on Long Island.

I’ll just have to hold off my S.A.D. until November after the World Champs.

Gotta light??


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