The annual GTTP 5K and Kids Dashes could not have taken place on a better day. After a few years of dreary weather, big brother got a good one. Held every Columbus Day weekend to benefit the St Stan’s Athletic League, the run provides the community of Greenpoint to celebrate the company of family and friends. It is always a chance for me to do a good run and catch up with people I don’t see often – never mind hang out and enjoy what has to be the best post race party a 5K can offer.

I have to believe a majority of businesses operating in Greenpoint lend some kind of support to this small race. Food (plenty before AND after), drinks (for all ages), samples, goodie bags filled to the brim, you name it – its covered. A dedicated core of volunteers makes sure everything runs smoothly from setup to cleanup.

I did a long bike ride in the morning followed by some UBE work as the bulk of my training for the day since I have just over a month before the World 70.3 Ironman Championships. I intended to do my customary 2 laps of the course without any real time goals. Go out hard of course, but steady and follow through to get in a 10k run. The morning workout was sure to make sure of that. Gina and I got there about an hour before since I was to make sure most of the St Joe’s cross-country runners showed up and were prepared to go. We actually bumped into one of her cousins who happens to live a block from my Pops and whose kids actually now attend St Stans!

On the line and strapped to my Polar monitor, I was just ready to go. Everyone just looks to blast out of the gates here. Sure enough after 4 blocks I managed to clear some space (even leapfrogging FPC) and settle into the main pack of 10. Steadily the group ran but was thinning out quicker than I expected. I was comfortable, it was warm, but after one mile I was in fifth. Without really putting in bursts, people fell back. each half-mile it was easy to overtake someone. Up and over the Kent hill, I was now in third. I ran the tangent all along the avenue while the second guy didn’t. He looked back a few times and I smiled, and knew I had him. I set it up to continue my tangent and was able to pass him with 2 blocks to go without a response. Sprinting to the finish I hit 16+ and quickly ran for lap 2 to cooldown. One thing about 5k’s is that they do a lot of “eruption” to my system. It took the full lap 2 to settle down, but I enjoy urging the kids on to the finish, cheering on the walkers and on a day like today, just enjoying it. Second place overall and I won my age group!

After a fabulous party and celebration of another successful event (though FPC hasn’t broken 21 yet),Gina and I took in the sights of GPoint and went food shopping at the Garden. A long day indeed, but time slows down for you to savor every minute of it.

Stay tuned as I now finish training into November for Clearwater. I have four more weeks before a big taper and we have been finishing the plans for our trip. It has been tougher to get up in the mornig without sun, but will be worth it.

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