Here’s a recipe you can probably guess with its result: some good cold/mild weather, sunrise after 7am with a few days of troubled sleep, toss in a few hectic weeks at work, mix in some meetings at the college, an all day cross country meet, and to top it off a few consecutive 20 hr. training weeks. You got it – the MC COLD.

Now last year during the winter I had a slammin’ cold that literally knocked me in bed for 3 days and took a week to shake off. This was much milder but I woke up Sunday with a serious head cold. I vowed to take an off day as it has been 3 weeks since my last, and once Gina took my temperature, well that was pretty much final (it was 99). I didn’t feel the body chills until mid-morning after stretching. Then it was coming: I got weak, more sneezing, sniffles, and I didn’t want to move. I knew this is my body’s way of telling me it is about to shutdown to handle some serious business – like resting before fighting a battle. “Mister – you will do nothing today and I’m in charge.” When Gina says that about my condition, I know to listen.

Ok, ok, now with 20 days before the World Champs, I better listen. Take the day and just rest – seriously. I am not getting laid up like last year. But alas I have the ultimate secret weapon to help in this battle: my Ironsherpa – Gina.

Now over the past few years, Gina’s been able to quickly study the whole homeotriathlete species concept. I honestly listen to her opinions as if she was my coach – especially in times like this when I can’t think logically. She made an awesome breakfast and we relaxed while sharing stories from two different newspapers. I smothered myself in a vanilla ginger tea vapor to help clear the airways. Then it was some laundry, home cleaning, and a visit to her folks. Mind you I just watched her do all of this since I made my way from couch – to rocking chair – back to couch with the smell of Vicks filling the room like a scented candle.

We did go for a walk to church which was great since I was able to get some air. Then it was back home where she made some delicious soup and gave me a backrub to finish me off. Oh, did I mention the homemade apple bread?? Oh for cryin’ out loud! Talk about home remedy!! To show her true authority in the matter, as I laid down to bed with sweatpants and a sweatshirt, I started to really feel the burn. I knew I was ready to release some serious body heat as my hands and feet were ready to shoot fire. My sister gave me a book on Qi Gong and I couldn’t help but make relevance to the “blockages/meridian/Qi force” thing. (I myself lean towards Yoda).

“You’re still burning up, that’s not good.”

“I know, but it’s normal.”

“I’ll be right back – you’re GOING to take these (she’s holding 2 aspirin).”

“No problem.” ed. note: I pride myself on not having taken any pills/NASID’s for years, yet I don’t think twice about sucking them down now.)

Sure enough I wake up this morning feeling fine. Though my nozzle is still stuffed, I was able to workout – but as coach said with a stern finger – “easy does it today”. What a woman. Now it is a careful, calculated road to the Worlds for the next 3 weeks. Get back to form, but there is no “catching up” with a few easy days to get well again. And with Gina by my side, that should be no problem.

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