A NEW YEAR – 007

What a way to finish the year! After we returned from Florida, we were thrust into the swing of the holiday season and enjoyed family and friends during Thanksgiving and Chrsitmas. Despite the both of us working alot, we made sure we found the time to call, visit, and write to as many of our relatives and friends as we could. We even made it easy shopping for others as we consolidated a lot of our purchases to online (thanks to Lesser Evil for their help with the bulk order!!) Though we still had the occassional last minute stops, we made sure we stayed sane by saying “no” to a few visits that would have stretched us thin. In fact we made a pact this year to make sure we DIDN’T visit as much because we’d like to eventually host some of our friends once in a while - before we go anyway.

It helped to build a base for 2007 during the 10 week period between Thanksgiving and the New Year and settle into a routine. It is fun how you can get in 90 minutes to almost 2 hrs of workouts and make it home in time as the sun STARTS to rise (tough its bright in the YMCA). The quiet and tranquil setting of the streets at this time makes for great reflection – and it helps that its still mild too. With no real races planned in stone yet (other than Boston) our major trip will happen at the end of January when we plan to fly to Charlotte and check our hopeful new destination. We have had many a conversation over meals and our “dates” and agreed on a number of issues regarding moving, our life together, and obtaining jobs there. We are ready and look forward to this trip with excitement.

In the meantime, we have volunteered to work on a committe at Gina’s parish – Mt Carmel – in their endeavor to raise money for World Youth Day 2008 in Australia. The basketball league at St Stan’s will begin soon so this means an opportunity to ref games, and both St Joe’s and Amy’s Bread often call for extra work. So we remain busy within reason and will update you all on our trip down south. I want to take this opportunity also to thank Polar and Amino Vital for their sponsorships this season. They have been a great help to my training and racing and look forward to possibly renewing my sponsorships with them for 2007. Also thanks to Lesser Evil and Bear Naked for the healthful snacks they offer and of course to all of TEAMMC.

To a healthy and fitful New Year,


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