MC off to NC?

I have to admit after getting teased with the mild weather from December and January, the 2-3 weeks where we barely made it above freezing was a pain. I can only tolerate so much of runs outdoors in the 20′s and below and though I had my gear set to where I was actually quite warm, it was restrictive – and hard on the legs. I was more than happy to start doing my tempo runs on the treadmill and the long swims at the Y sure help loosen everything up (thought I often froze on my jog back home). My sights are on a good race at Boston so I have been trying to focus on some key runs -but planning your after work runs on a NW wind though is a bit too much no? (but it does make it 10 degrees warmer!!)  

Gina and I were able to visit Charlotte on a 3+ day swing at the end of January and enjoyed it. We took in every bit of the city we could and spend the time in the hotel only to sleep. We planned our resume attack, set our sights on certain apartment complexes, and got a taste of the traffic and transit of the city. We had done our research, confirmed some things down there, and continue to work now towards finding employment. We are just about ready to make the switch and look forward to a new situation together.

I have been given the opportunity to represent Polar again this year and will work on introducing their RS400/CS400 monitors. I also am in consideration for a 2007 sponsorship again with Amino Vital. These two companies have been instrumental in my training/racing last year and to be able to work with both would be an honor. I stand by their product and recommend them to anyone considering improving their fitness.

For now, we both work hard and try to slow down on the weekend, though a recent parking fiasco by my account led to a 3 hour shoveling duty and exhausted us both. We even plowed out a guy who was in REALLY bad shape and tried to clear his car with a garden pot shovel. We got comedy club tickets as a reward. Gina is a trooper indeed and though we came close to yelling -but affectionate- disagreements, we laughed about it once we were able to move the car.

A recent trip with the men’s bball team from St Joe’s let me run free around Media, PA and watch them come away with their first tournament victory in schol history. These guys are on a roll going into Nationals.

So off with winter eh? Sun comes up before 7am now but I’m still freezing and hope to see the 40 degree mark in sight.  Stay warm.

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