BOSTON – #12

Despite the fact that each month has questioned whether or not it was winter or spring, I have to admit it has been a pretty mild winter. The past month has been pretty exciting – and hectic – since Gina and I have chosen a location to live in Charlotte and have gotten the ball rolling on our move. Our target date is now mid-June, but we intend to go visit May 10th to sign a lease and scour the area for jobs. For now, we have been ordering moving supplies, receiving bids from companies thanks to AAA, and have our apartment looking like a box depot as we pack the things we can pack now. No doubt a little stressful too, but the training for Boston has helped reduce it – with plenty of Amino Vital and BioFreeze.

We both anticipate this race. We get the chance to fly there this year and look forward to what we have used as an introduction to spring (can you believe this is our 4th together? and 12th overall?). It is actually great timing for me personally as I have used the season of Lent to help prepare me for Easter and joined it spiritually within my training schedule. I also like to celebrate a birthday doing 26.2.

 Work has been a whirlwind since I juggle 3 part-time jobs and Gina has been had her share of heavy days herself. I can’t complain with the perks though: with Professional PT, I have been able to see a few Islander games (they’re the offical PT for the team), Amy’s allows me to bring home some great Brioche for french toast, and SJC always produces great gear. Weekends we try to get as much relief as we can – but they have been few.

I will be continuing my sponsorship with Polar and will be at a retail appearance May 1st at the New York Running Company and will help at the expo in Boston if neeeded. Also in May, I will compete at the Long Island Half-Marathon and on May 20th will ride the Montauk Century with FPC and Diet. I have been given the opportunity thanks to Wade and Deb Wilson to race in the Buffalo Springs Half Ironman in Lubbock, TX on June 24th. With comp race entry and housing, it will be a trip in that I have to potentially leave from Charlotte once we get there. 

Want to give a special shout out to Gus at The Bike Stop for rigging a great city bike. Thanks for your help and time keeping the wheels rolling. Will keep you updated on all in the coming weeks, for now, Boston is the place to be. Thanks again for all your help and support.   

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