MC on LI : The Half

The past few weeks since Boston have been a whirlwind of packing and planning that Gina and I have begun for Charlotte. It helped that I put my training aside and utilized some easy workouts to relax and rest. Yes, I said it rest. Well, maybe for a week. We did though have some packing and structuring of our finances, bills, etc to make sure we were ahead of the game on our move. We are set to leave for Charlotte on May 10th for a 2 day pre-set of our new home surroundings. That being said, the month of May has us doing something every weekend already – whether it be a race or some sort of travel locally – so it was paramount to get things done.

I had my last day at Amy’s Bread and they gave me a great sendoff. The staff there has been great and I’ve truly worked with people I’ll never forget. From Amy herself to Jack, Kerrie, Myrna, Augusto, and the whole crew at AB1 – thanks for everything!! I am reducing my hours at Professional PT in order to finish my work at St Joe’s. By the end of May, I’ll have 2 weeks to really get a “move on” and finish our packing. I had the pleasure of traveling with the softball team to their National Tournament in Mattoun, IL. A nice quaint town – though a load of travel to get to – but we had a great time (and little sleep) as they came in 4th place overall. I had a chance to train at the YMCA in the area and the staff there made me feel like a resident. Sure enough though when I got home Sunday morning and easily “shut down” for a good 2 hrs, Gina was amazed that I actually could take a nap. I worked a retail event for Polar at NY Running Company and it went very well. We have a great team of athletes here in NYC and the tech rep – Wayne -has been a great resource for us. I plan to conduct a training clinic at St Joe’s and introduce the benefits of heartrate training to the athletes there.

I have a few races this month and this weekend was the LI Half Marathon in Eisenhower Park. Gina and I spent Saturday getting the TEAMMC tuned up which required us to get up at 4:30. We then loaded up the bikes and headed straight to Eisenhower for a leisure ride for an hour, then to the expo where we ran into Wayne and our friends at Runners Edge where we did 2 retail events last year. The staff there is also one-of-a-kind and they were helping out at the race Sunday. Then it was back home quick snack and off to church. We were exhausted and were in bed by 9:30 – partially because we had to get BACK up at 5:30am to go to the race and were sure to need some sleep.

It was cold again in the morning as we made our way to LI again. In the low 40′s and a chilly wind. Sun was in/out so no real warmth. Bundled up we headed to the start where about 4000 others were lining up and waiting for the 10k/Half/Full marathon event. The staging area was small so everyone was hanging around trying to stay warm. Gina and I huddled up as we laughed at some of the cast of characters in the event – the Mullet Man superhero, Dunkin Donut coffee guy, and the frat crew dressed in skivies. I lined up in the mid pack all decked out in my Polar gear and 800sd hooked and ready to go. As the gun went off, I slowly made my way to through the packs into a nice line of sight at mile 2. Passed Gina and then fully “dialed in” mentally with the race.

With the wind gusting the first half, I tucked in between packs and then passed ahead. Knowing I only had sveral runs and easy training the past few weeks, I had to race strategically and smart. At 6:20 miles I hit steady at 155 beats and felt awesome. Crusin’ speed – knowing from Fitness and Optimizer tests during the week that I was ”rested” well and maxed at 186. Relaxed, I passed many others and it felt as if I was cheating knowing full well what my body was telling me. By mile 9, and still at 6:15-20 range I started to really turn it up as the packs dwindled into individuals and I headed in. Knowing the wind to my back was an aid down the stretch, I hit 5:30-45 miles from then on and passed a lot more. Each one looked at me as if I was sprinting but knowing my heartrate, cadence and true feel, I fed off their strain and just focused on the one in front of them.  Saw Gina off tot he left and blew her a kiss as I finished in 1:20. Nice indeed. No strain no pain. Heartrate averaged 150, and fell back down to the 80′s within 5 minutes. Awesome!! Is this really cheating?

Saw Gina who met some friends while waiting and we took some pictures. We walked back to the car and stretched since I didn’t think I placed well enough for an award. However checking the results today, I placed 2nd in my age group out of 179 and 22nd overall out of 3300+ runners!!! Ahh, but the day belonged to Gina and I as we went home, showered, had brunch and just chilled out – after doing some more packing – but spent the remainder of the day just recovering before another full week ahead. Sweet.

Up ahead is our trip to Charlotte, then the Montauk Century on May 20th with FPC and Diet and the Ironclad triathlon on the 26th where I will be doing a relay with FPC!! That should be interesting! Will update you with those stories next! 


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