What a way to spend a Sunday. Ride from Penn Station (actually from Astoria to) then ride all the way out to Montauk. Yes, on your bike. That is exactly what FPC, Diet, and I did Sunday. If it wasn’t for the eagerness and excitement of Diet – who entered us all and had always had it as a goal of his to ride point to point – FPC and I probably would have tabled this one. Especially since the rain and cold of Saturday, and FPC’s observation of Diet’s training on a ride last weekend- left us in some serious doubt. But the day would trun out to be a blessing and then some and helped us establish a personal best.

I met them at the base of the 59th st bridge at a ripe 4:45am. Don’t ask me how Diet got FPC out the door ON TIME, but he did. At 55 degress, it was still cool and showed signs it could still rain. We got to Penn and signed in where we saw a good collection of riders gathering and starting their journey. Here was good luck sign one: we didn’t have a ride back (despite FPC’s generous offers to suitors) so we needed to take the LIRR back. The woman at the check in comped us with free rides. THANK YOU! Maybe she though we’d need a ride back or thoughed we’d actually never get there based ont he way we looked.

Whatever, we graciously accepted and after FPC knocked down the first of many donuts, we were on our way. No traffic, easy riding to the first rest area in Lynnbrook. Good signs: sun was rising, still cool, but no rain, wind to back. We used these rest areas every 25 miles to gauge ourselves, shed some clothing, and then ride. We spent maybe 5-10 minutes max at each one. Perfect. Next stop babylon. This is where the 100 mile riders started and an even bigger crowd was there. Though not at the end of the line, we later found out that we made it to each area about an hour before each closed. More donuts and/or muffins for FPC, bathroom breaks, check ins with Gina. We all felt fine and simply rode within our means. FPC and I kinda sandwiched Diet to keep him on pace, but he later started to feel strong and was out in front a bit. We toured the roads off 27A and around the expensive – very expensive mansions (can’t call them homes). Though it reduced our overall speed, Diet enjoyed this part the most. we fancied living in these areas then got into political discussions about how America is only making matters worse with oil, money, etc. This in between topics of chicks, other riders etiquette, NASCAR, and somehow Rod Stewart.

Sure enough we got to the 100 mark just outside WestHampton where FPC and Diet knew of the “pristine thrones”. We first had to ditch a rider next to us since this is apparrently a top secret and I will not release any location for I swore to secrecy. I will say there were correct and FPC gladly utilized this for his personal “purposes”. I think this was our longest stop too. By now the sun was out, it was in the 70′s and I was now wearing only tights and a top – down from windbreaker and arm/leg warmers, and gloves. My bag was stuffed not only with goodies from rest areas, but now clothes. Diet still felt great! FPC and I  were both surprised and headed on.

Once we got to the final stop at 120 (yes 120), we still had 30 to go (yes 30) and need to make the 5:40pm train. If it was one thing that would spoil this day it would be missing that and leaving at 7:40pm. So I took advantage of the Mr Softie freebie and a diet coke, FPC downed 2 muffins, a regualr coke, and still had to buy a gatorade, while Diet indugled (rightfully) on a strawberry shortcake stick. It was 3 pm when we left and knew we had to push it. In what was the most boring stretch of road to Montauk, FPC and I started to crank 25 and continued until I lost sight of Diet. Though our riding rules stipulate “when you lose sight of me, slow down” (and FPC mantra – back in the day) I eased to let Diet catch up for if he got a flat, needed help, we’d get it. Knowing I’d hear it from big brother later on that he smoked me, I knew what my role for the day was. Of course I heard how impressive he was cranking the speed (but didn’t mention how he dropped back on the windy bridge, or how Iknew he would pass out no the train home) but I will and promised to give him props that he did do very well on this ride – 11 hours total time and 10 hrs riding. Though the real props go to Diet who made it the whole 155 into Montauk. In what was a longest ride in one day for all of us, he got the chance to go point to point. Elated, we had to quickly gather and get to the train – it was 4:30. They wolfed down as much pasta and salad as they could (and a good deal) and FPC once again utilized the restroom. I downed another dcoke and apple (no coffee) and we got the last spots on the truck for our bikes and good seats on the train. Another blessing.

While I stretched before we left. the LIRR looked like a triage unit as all treked back to Penn. Sure enough FPC and Diet passed out for a bit (I got a good pix on my phone) and it stayed mild weather wise. We cherished the memories of the day and soaked it all in to exhaustion. The 3 hr ride back seemed quick and sure enough another blessing when our bikes were right there and we caught an empty E train home. I got off and rode the 10 minutes home and was relieved to hug Gina. I showered and Gina had good eats and real food waiting (thanks to a farewell party the other night by her family). She herself had a long day and had just finished showering so we kinda just exchanged stories and then did our own crash by 11:30.

But to come home in one piece – all of us and with the events throughout this long day - was the best blessing of all.  

A special thanks goes to the 5BBC for great organization during this day. Truely an event one rider must do.

Next up is the IronClad triathlon where FPC and I will relay in Glen Cove. It will be FPC’s first tri event and one where he will get to test his “superior power” on the bike.



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