MC off to NC!!

Yes it is finally time to go. Gina and I have spent the past week boxing everything, making lists, labels, etc and trying to fit our apartment into some 80 boxes of various sizes – that includes everything!! We now have a room filled with the boxes, no TV, little lighting, and are finishing up what we can of our leftover foods – which include leftovers. We were able to sell most of the furniture and donated plenty of other items. The movers come on Firday and we basically packed what we would need for a week. We plan to sleep on a lovely aerobed until our stuff arrives hopefully early next week. We depart via the TEAMMCXterra on Sunday early morning and will make it a 2 day trip.

Despite a few instances of stress-related angst, we both were able to diffuse them with a little quiet time – and sometimes some more quiet time. We have been trying our hardest not to get caught up in all the “goodbye” visits since we simply wanted to focus on our move. Besides, it isn’t goodbye anyway. We both want to start in a new environment and in one that allows us to escape what we now dread here in NYC – which happens to be a lot. We opted out together and will make it for the better. Simply put.

I was able to make a final getaway with FPC to Virginia Beach for a USCAA conference and got in some pretty good runs and rides (we even crossed into NC!!) FPC insists that NY should start opening Sonics and from the way he enjoyed the cherry-lime-drinks, I’d say he would even do so himself. But once I returned it was all packing and yes, I am SOOO ready to split because of it.

I have my eye on a few races once we settle in, but first we will get UNpacked, find work, and really check out our new surroundings. I expect to restablish structured training by the beginning of July and finish off my commitments to POLAR race-wise. I do want to sincerely thank Wayne (big thanks for the Zipps) and Lindsey at POLAR for all their continued support. I also want to give a big thank you to Terra at BIOFREEZE and Gus at the BIKE STOP for all their professionalism these years. I will continue to spread the word about POLAR and BIOFREEZE and AMINO VITAL in my training/racing and anyone who needs a bike fix or anything you can call Gus at 718-274-BIKE. Lest I forget that I now will be without the treats of Amy’s Bread, but maybe I can convince her to ship some goodies out.     

I also want to thank everyone involved with TEAMMC. You know who you are – and I love you all for being who you are. A bit of good news too came in the mail – based on my placing last year in several races, I earned Honorable Mention All-American from United States Triathlon. A great surprise indeed, but certainly a collective effort from all above.

Gina and I are officially North Carolina bound!! 



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