TEAMMC – now in NC

Yes it has been 3 weeks now and Gina and I have settled in nicely to our new home. Just a few miles from the main city lies our new apartment with shady trees, a big pool (which I’ve been in every day), laundry on site, and to Gina’s delight – our own parking spot!! We were fortunate to have our stuff arrive 2 days after we arrived and the crew at Kaster did a great job helping us in the whole process. It was pretty tough with the air mattress (and nothing else in the house) so we loved our first night of sleep in our bed. The next day we had cable/internet hooked up (ESPN baby!), lease/banking issues settled, drivers’ licenses, and new car plates. It was actually pretty funny since we had to bring every single form of ID with us to the DMV and then we were surprised to have to take the written test!! By the end of the first week we were so exhausted unpacking, doing all this stuff, and trying to adjust to the roads (we got a fine collection of maps) that we were in bed by 10 and sleeping until 7.
On that note it was a bit tough to get use to the sun rising after 6am since we left NYC and it was coming up before 5:30. But within a week I started doing my rides (went into South Carolina!), swimming everyday, and running all over. It’s great! Though you have to run on the sidewalk, there’s plenty of room and you can always just jump into the pool to ice down. Getting use to the weather is tough since it is in the 70′s by 8am and humidity is highest in the morning. Gina’s been venturing out as well finding her own routes. She has easily handled the electric stove and oven cooking up some great dishes.
Now we are sending our resumes and using the free time to get use to the roads (rights on red), finding the necessary stores (which are all within 5 minute drive in any direction), reading the local papers, movies, and we will even get to a Charlotte Knights AAA baseball game. I may enter the 24 Hours of Booty which is a biking event to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Ride as long as you want on a 3 mile loop. Neighbors are welcoming and we have yet to actually meet someone who was BORN here. Everyone is from another state – seriously.   
But we love our new home and even after a few thunderstorms rumbled through the area last week together with our unpredictable situation, slept peacefully. Stay tuned and happy July 4th!!

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