2008 – What’s it Worth??

Now that was a worthwhile break from the action and a chance to revel in the season of Christmas and New Year’s. Can’t really say we did anything exciting (bowled a 180?) - other than work a lot those weeks, but we did have Christmas to enjoy in 60 degree weather! Even shot some hoops. We finally got our sofabed and immediately settled into it with a nice view of the tree. Our first piece of furniture since moving here!! Soon will be the night we fall asleep on it but we need a tv in the living room.

New Year’s was different – we as usual didn’t plan to see “the ball drop” – but only because I was doing inventory at the store the next day. Gina came along and together with Anna spent 7 precious hours counting every piece in the store. Taking the computer apart was a task (and back together) but when the CPU blew halfway through I almost threw myself in the dumpster out back. Turns out it needed to cool down and rebooted with no info lost (always SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!)

I was looking at events to enter this year and had several choices. Boston was almost a go. We checked airline, hotel, and logistics and almost decided on it. But when we did some calculations, it wasn’t worth the $$. After 12 times, yes you do put a value on the trip and Boston just wasn’t worth it.  We now looked towards the US National HalfIronman Champs in VEGAS!! Yes! Never been there, but Gina has and she was psyched. We just need to register for the race since G already reserved the flights.

Hold up – this new race in Wilmington has also stirred my soul. The Beach 2 Battleship is a full Ironman here in NC and certainly has been brewing the talk of athletes. Held on November 1st it would be the perfect season ender and provide the best motivation to do the training throughout the year. Without a major marathon to train for, I could seriously let one rip. After some self-evaluation, the ok from G, and some support from Teach, I entered. Ready to shed another layer within real quick.

The CRC Racefest running group has grown to about 12 runners. I really am putting the work into ensuring everyone has fun, runs together while meeting other runners, and stays on a solid training program. I developed a program that is used as an outline for all, but each can manipulate based on schedules, preferences, and goals. Everyone is going to do the annual Racefest (www.charlotteracefest.com) but it challenges me to assist each as a coach in attaining their fitness goals even if for some it is only “to eventually rock this hill”. I enjoy running and motivating them in every way. It’s a great group of people and a pleasure to train with. (BioFreeze a bit hit too!)

Got a call after work the other day from Mr Dilg. He was the phys ed teacher when I was in Cathedral Prep HS and currently serves as Alumni Director. Out of 40 candidates this year, I, along with 5 others, were to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Whoa! That’s awesome! A great honor and I am sure to use the opportunity to thank a hell of a lot of people in whatever speech I give (TEAMMC). I am getting more info shortly, but basically, the all day ceremony is Oct 2nd (a Thursday). Now we have to think of a way to make a NYC weekend out of it – probably our first time back home. Most of my family is coming, along with “The Crew”. It should be a long, fun, exhausting weekend. But worth it.      

So now we don’t know if Vegas is an option. Time off will be a major factor as well as costs. That would leave Battleship the race to be, along with a few local running races and some tri’s during the summer. And this is only the first week of January.

I have completed my first week of training and will focus on base to the end of the month before building more in February. I like it. Even met up with Nick Frank who is a great triathlete and on the pro card this year. He’s a friend of Scott’s and we met up for Tuesday/Thursday morning runs meeting at the store. The runs have been great and we will continue the trend. I’m being patient and staying within certain heartrate paramenters since it will be a long season. Work is like a “workout” in itself, mix in a running group and presto - a great challenge. Thanks to Melissa and Bob at InsideOut, I actually might fit better on LadyAC and improve my riding.

I have shed the layer from 2007, so it feels good to be training again with a new focus, desire, and goal.

Gina and I now walk around after the group run on Saturdays and have coffee/snack at a quiet TBD destination. It’s a change – we even rode the light rail (trolley car) – and allows us to check out different neighborhoods while enjoying a morning together. Sundays are the same, just at home (and a slammin’breakfast). During the week, we just don’t get the chance so it’s special and looked forward to. Definitely worth it.

And so I begin.      

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