Marine Buddy Challenge

Not a bad month. One down already. Got into a good rhythm, but remaining patient. Still taking time to get up, test some new nutrition, get use to the weather (especially biking to work in below 20 degrees), and making sure G and I have time together on the weekends. It’s been several busy and quick weeks with work, the run group, and our own agendas personally which usually drag on into the weekends. We purposely make sure we slow things down when we need to. So what better way to end the first base phase with a good ol marine style race!

Phil Garland is a co-worker of mine and use to be in the Army. When we found out about this Marine Buddy Challenge ( a few months ago, we teamed up to represent CRC, which was one of the event sponsors. I spent part of my base preparing for it too – running to work and with the group often with 5 lbs in my pack, doing decline pushups, usual situps, and other drills we would have to use during the event. Certainly helps develop your strength for sure. Not only that, the idea of actual Marines shouting (cheering) at you made it exciting to be a part of.

It took place at Reedy Creek Park which is about 8 miles north of us. We now found a great park for us to venture to during the spring/summer. It’s a real nice scenic area on a quiet weekend day. Though this morning it was in the upper 20′s, we made our way to meet Phil at the start. We checked in, got weighted with our adjusted 10% in our packs - me now at 147lbs and him at 190 ( you had to weight in fully clothed too). I used my Salomon bag because I always run with it, but also since I was able to squeeze a 10lb plate and 2 ankle wts nicely in the sack – no bounce, highly efficient.

Phil had a pack that he had to keep adjusting and from the looks of the teams that showed up, this was going to be one fun event. Definitely check out the website to get an idea of this thing!

As soon as we left the cabin a Marine promptly shouted directions to the start line. After waiting about 20 minutes for everyone to line up, yeah we were now cold. Now a cross country start was unique and I was looking to see a nice pile up some 50 yards afterwards. But we started easliy since you had to run together (Marines stay together). Phil paced himself through a very technical trail with some nice rollers but one section of “no pass possible” track towards the end. I did my best to cheer (shout) him on and we finished in 34 minutes.

We waited in line for the drills and by now we were warm – so warm Phil was just wearing his CRC tank. I think his flashbacks were good since he was enjoying it. We planned out how to do the drills and watched others go through theirs. Sure enough, we were set to go. He did his 1 minute situps first (61) and then I went. I started out real strong and felt good, but by the time I hit 45, awwww man my legs cramped and abs just went super lactic blast. I never do situps this way, but managed to pull out a respectable 63. No time to dwell – its pushup time and your fellow drill sergant making sure you kept going (a woman too!).  I held his legs waist high and WITH THE PACK we had to do # in 1 minute. He tweaked out around 45 and I managed a good 55. Wham – now I get tossed on his back and he carrys me 30 yards!!! Then its 25 jumping jacks, 50 POW’s and another 25 jumping jacks. THEN he carrys me BACK the 30 yards (hell you think I would have managed 190 on my shoulders??? – well maybe in an actual battlefield) and we are done!!!! That was some serious fun. We cheered (yelled) at others finishing and more than a few dropped their buddy. But everyone had a good time. Note – I am really sore though today.

We volunteered on Sunday for a ministry event called Peanut Butter Sunday. Held one day a year at St Gabriel’s it is more like a collection of canned goods for the food shelters in the Charlotte area. Specifically peanut butter, but other canned fruit, juice, soup was collected and the had a great donation amount.  

We did get the chance to relax on Sunday morning and read the paper in a warm sun out back. Rest.

Now I begin Base 2. I will continue to build my volume and steadily do some hill workouts, small tempos, and get readings based on certain workouts. It looks like a crazy work schedule to even plan a race yet so I will just work on my limiters and start adjusting to earlier wake-up calls. I can feel the aura of Ironman creeping in. I know what lies ahead, I know what I want to accomplish. Absorb it.


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