Lent has definitely served its purpose this year. It was a great time to reflect and focus deep within to get myself prepared mentally through the big training weeks of this final base phase. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at work and the run group has continued to excel while completing its longest runs. But the burdens of the day slowly had become minor obstacles as each day of Lent passed. Now with the Easter season come and gone, I’m ready to break through the mold. Each day, it becomes easier to awaken, set the mind straight, and do my “jobs”.

Though it still is dark in the mornings, the days seem longer indeed as it sets closer to 8pm. The trees have blossomed and the weather has hit the mid 70′s the past week. Spring is here. Get out and enjoy.

In March, I started to focus more on longer training weeks that included some intervals and “bricks” (those bike-then-run workouts). I started to reduce my time strength training since I am getting plenty of that at work. By having to work the past few Saturdays, I sometimes can get a day away from the store to do those long bricks. Unfortunately, I find myself there anyway as I often schedule the workout to finish at the store. A special thanks to Molly at Eden who reassessed and then thoroughly massaged out any weak or sore areas in my legs. A subtle reminder that there are still things to work on. I have devised a new sneaker rotation too this year – a 4 pair setup of all WOMENS styles! Since I can’t managed a size 8 men’s, I simply have bought size 9.5′s in various sneakers in women’s sizes. No joke. And they feel great! Sure the colors on a few warrant some thought to my manhood – but I’m comfortable with my feminine side.

Gina and I continue to savor our Sundays. With the fine weather, we even got to work on our tans and enjoy a nice Easter day in some quiet. I even got a chance to speak to my Pops and get the scoop. He’s just chillin’.

Gina will be making her first trip back to NYC next weekend to visit her family.

It looks like I will get a chance to run in Racefest. I will be nice to finally get in a test run to gauge my fitness level and then evaluate the training plans for the summer. I may do a half-marathon in May and have a chance to race a half-ironman in Lubbock, Texas by late June. By not doing Boston this year (which we don’t really mind) it will help save the legs for a marathon run come Ironman in November. I may do the Duke half-ironman in September before going back to NYC in October for the HOF awards. Coming out of this base phase, I feel very confident in my approach to the Battleship.

The run group is starting to taper down for Racefest too. A big THANK YOU to BioFreeze for helping keep each one well (and myself), Balega, and New Balance for their support throughout the program. It seems each will need their own motivational boost come race day, but I look forward to greeting each one as they cross that finish line.

Big props to the Taxman Casatelli in NYC. Simply fax and file.

So now as I approach this new “season”, the mold that I worked hard to form in the winter is now ready to be shed. The joy that comes from the meaning of Easter will only make me stronger as I deepen my focus and continue to observe the things around me. Make a choice – “You can choose to be the light that emits from a candle or be the mirror that reflects it.”


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