June was filled with plenty of testing. Since I had intentions of starting my program for the Battleship Ironman in July, I had a good 3-4 weeks to experiment. I had to get a feel of what was to come when Ironman training started – how certain workouts would feel, playout different scenarios, how to cope with a long day at work, which days are best to have off from work, what would be my nutrition strategy, etc, etc. It was made a bit easier since Gina and I joined EPEC fitness, which is a private fitness facility near CRC that has good treadmills and wt training equipment (and showers!!). Thom and Heather are great people and have certainly made us feel welcome.

In the 3 prep weeks I built up to about 16-18 hours a week.

Gina’s getting into preparations too. She gets up early to go to EPEC and get her workout in and usually drops off my bag (and bike sometimes!) for days I do bricks and finish at EPEC. She then walks with a friend after work several days a week. The IronSherpa is into her groove. We did a bike tour in early June up in Davidson but a wrong turn made my 62 mile ride into a 75 one and for long day – finishing with a few hours at work. Though I must say we prepped well for those humid/hot days and bring plenty of cool stuff in the X for good recovery (ICE!!). Once or twice a month I plan to enter a bike tour just to get some good rides in. Next up is this weekend’s Lake Norman Excursion – a 100 miler. Gina plans to do 10-20 mile route. But no rushing this time.    

I seriously doubt that the LadyAC will make it by October. But she’s doing well.

So now that I am 3 weeks in, and averaging over 18 hrs a week training, I think I have a good formula and plan to build into the next 2 phases. I wrote the 15 week plan out on the bulletin board and the 5 Phases will require much patience. It has been hot and isn’t a factor to get use to since the bulk work will take place in September. You just sweat alot. And then some. Shave down more frequently, dips in the pool, cold showers at night. I got the GNC stash so the bars/gels/etc is stocked.  The focus is form, tempo, and endurance. The mind is doing well being able to “shut off” as I get into work and block what has been done. the rides to/from work and or runs home are easy, reflective.  I am trying to manage the 40 hrs I put in but if there is still one factor I need to manage is being able to get 2 consecutive days off from work per week. just makes for easier plannin on what to do. Sure its tough, I’ll admit it – may not talk about it, but I do love the bed/couch at the end of the day. There have been plenty of days where the room smells like BioFreeze (from both of us).

Finished a book – yes!! Gina was proud (I usually engulf periodicals and magazines). I actually had a customer come in the store who wrote it. Called Brave the Day, it details her struggle to cope and battle her cancer. Marilyn Hartness is her name and a great read.

Got the head shaved and ready to go into Phase 2. Not much in races planned for August said for 2 other bike tours. We do have the Jubilee 8K coming up and may jump into that one. Our run group is meeting 2x a month and we have a big interest in the fall program which would start in late August. They are a fun crew to run with.




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