Hall Of Fame Speech

“Ubi Est Bubula”

Those were the first words I learned in Latin and hence began a fascination with the language along with the shaping and molding of my faith together with the teachings of being a disciple of Christ within the walls of Cathedral Prep. Under the teaching of Msgr. Marchese, I learned the discipline applied to your studies. In Fr. Hughes, I was provided the spiritual direction I needed (and still receive today) to interpret my faith and foster any vocation to the priesthood. In Mr. Dilg, I got my first taste of what physical education is really about. And in Mr Payne, the right coaching I needed to become the athlete I now am.

“Il tuo instrunmento.”

In the 17 years since I graduated, I have been able to travel, race, and train all across the U.S, Canada, Japan, and Thailand, been able to bike through 6 countires in Europe, and join the diocese of Brooklyn/Queens on the World Youth Day of 2000 in Rome. In these journies, I have seen the abundance of such faith, hope, and love, but have also seen where it is lacking, and in some instances non-existent. This has made becoming a disciple of Christ more of a challenge, but one that I have found to be shaped and molded best when I am out there training – running, swimming, biking, etc. with the talent truly bestowed upon to me by God to assist me in finding out what my calling in this life really is. I am fortunate to have found a strong faith, hope, and certainly love (Gina) along the way.

“Amor Vincit Omnia”

 ”What do you think about out there?” is often a question I get asked. Simple answer – I sometimes am “listening”. I sense everything around me, become observant both inside and out, and in each challenge brought on by racing – shed parts of me I wish to leave behind: the things I need to change deep within, and face the dark side of straying away. There is the infinite example of the struggles brought on by the Cross, and one that needs to be embraced. It’s a daily task – to love many, but to trust a few. There is no finish line.   

To those students still in the Prep. cherish every moment you spend here. They say that your high school friends will be yours for life - and they have been to me. The Crew – who often say they were horrible teammates on the playing field – have been anything but off it. In fact, they have been the best teamates I have had on life’s playing field. No matter how far apart we may be now, a reunion makes it seem like we never left school.

Learn to feel and embrace the power that lies within these walls. Once you go beyond these walls, you will need to harness that power each day in shaping and molding your faith and becoming that true disciple of Christ.

A contest on the internet asked “If you could sum your life up in 3 sentences, what would they be?”

Looking back at my Latin and Prep experience, were able to put together the following:  

“Ego Sum Pauper.”

“Nihil Habeo.”

“Cor Meum Dabo.”


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