The past four weeks have enabled me to focus on improving my base work, analyzing in detail how I felt, moved, and recovered.
I am pleased with my progress and after a recent Polar fit test,scored very high in line with a level close to mid season form.
I have been able to maintain a rhythm and concentrate on my form, focusing on areas of muscle weakness, all while staying in an intensity suitable for this time of year.
At EPEC, I aim on twice weekly strength sessions and find time during the day at work to do some drills to shake things out a bit.
It has been cold, even had a morning of snowfall one day, but nothing to deter from going outside. Even my run group braved 15 degree temps one Saturday (maybe it was the hot cocoa Gina brought afterwards).

Now as I approach February, the slight shift to hill work and moderate tempos will commence. I am hoping to enter a duathlon at the Whitewater Center at the end of February as a first test.
G’s been able to get use to the new spinner and is improving on her running. She is looking to do her first try this summer or fall and may join a swim group to get some practice. She’s been true to her coaching ways also, constantly checking and making sure I follow orders. 
The sun comes up before 7:30am now, but it is not an issue getting up way before then in order to do what’s scheduled. We don’t return from our jobs till nightfall though – and then its our time.

Things have been going well, depsite some long hours at work for both of us, and G recently made a weekend trip home to check up on her folks (and snagging some Martha’s).
We plan on discussing some options for the year as we see how things shape out around us. We decompress each night and make sure Sundays are true Sundays.
Don’t get me wrong – we like being busy, just not insanely busy (then we would have stayed in NYC). But we’re finding ways to manage and secure our privacy whie maximizing our time together.

 I am even considering starting my book on self-actualization.

No joke – had 2 people this month asking me opinions on our experience in Ironman Japan.


You must name and identify your fear in order to face it and banish it, less it remains your fear.

For now, status is quo. Got some new playlists to crank if need be and the race schedule remains as mentioned in the last journal – though FPC has something up his sleeve.

Be real, stay true.

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