The base period is coming to a close this week and the transition begins into a more tempo/interval type training. Perfectly in tune with the beginning of Lent as Ash Wednesday approaches. I intend to give it a go at the Charlotte Long Course Duathlon this Saturday at the Whitewater Center. Gina and I have never been there and we intend to spend the day checking it out. It will be a weird layout – a 4m run / 32m bike / and 4m run. Should be a bit cool as well, but after experiencing Battleship, this won’t be an issue. Training has been going very well despite the cold temps and I’ve been getting more technical, functional, and analytical with each session thanks to Polar and the Cycleops. I plan to visit Molly after the event for a more thorough assessment as I head into March.

Things have been busy enough for me to finally warrant a mandated extra day off from work. Past few months have been 6 day weeks and was losing my grip since I often did work from home and just started to lose track of things. G and I have often asked each other “Is it Sunday yet??” We’ve set plans for Texas in June and are taking it week by week as we see no sign of a “stimulus” in Charlotte. It’s disappointing what we see going on with jobs, housing, etc. when solutions seem to be right in sight. Each night when we decompress while watching the Evening News, we get into good commentary on how lame and dumb this whole country can be regarding the current issues (and how much G hates Katie ).

As Lent approaches, you begin to hear how many “give up” things for Lent. Most of this is material. I think people are way off base on the season’s true intentions (I often make similar reflections – past journals at this time will back that up).. I often try to give up my time instead, and make deeper efforts to realize my true mortality. It’s perfect for coming out of a base period of “ordinary time” and preparing for Easter (and a major race in the Spring). The workload gets more intense requiring stronger focus, reflection, and dedication. Passion.

The run group continues to impress as they prepare for Racefest in April, already enduring many a cold, cold morning. Thanks big time to G for often baking brownies and having hot cocoa around at the end of those mornings. She has been helping me make arrangements in the book I intend to write come 2010 – sooner if we win the HDTV dream home. We’ve got plenty, and I mean plenty of material to share – trust me…


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