Spring into Spring!

March has been a doozie! It’s been a whirlwind at work with several local races on the schedule along with the typical spring fever, my training group has been able to get in 2 ten mile runs, my own training hit some high volume for a few weeks, and the weather has been anything but spring-like.
I’ve tried to schedule a day off during the week to get in some good training and handle some chores but I wind up working from home anyway. It’s not that much fun when I can’t spend it with G either. She’s been just the same and Sundays have been a refuge for us for now.

G got me to see the doc who eventually asked why I was seeing a doc. (they run an efficient organization there too)
Honestly, we’ve been thinking of taking a quick day trip (a week would be best) to get away and check the situation out in Wilmington and we will get our chance next Monday. We also enjoyed a day out by having some pizza and RITA’s a few miles from here. Yes indeed – Rita’s has opened in our hood. I quickly made friends with the owner. (the fudge brownie Gelati is a must!!!)

A few things have been opportunistic this month: I secured a sponsorship with Team Aquaphor through Active.com and am under consideration for Bear Naked (granola that is). Same format as Amino Vital and Polar a few years ago and I look forward to representing them this year in my races.
I also will be working with Jen Frank at AthleticCore in assisting in their training programs for Carolina’s LiveWell program. It’s once a week and her program has grown to where she need a few extra coaches. I’m happy she asked and glad to help on my end since they walk right next to CRC.
I got a preliminary offer to also do some part-time work for Danny White at RMSSports, which does most of the timing systems here (and across the southeast) for races. Since I have been in charge of data entry, organization, and choas control during packet-pickups the past year at the store, they threw the idea at me. I’m seriously considering it.
The run group has been great – only 2 more weeks left. They braved the threat or rain, but with mild temps we got in our second 10 miler of the month. A BIG THANK YOU to Gina for setting up the drinks, blueberry bars, and snacks afterwards, and Molly for offering massages to them. We had the store rolling afterwards as Dana came by and we celebrated his 25th anniversary (and last) at the fire dept. thought it rained the rest of the day, we had fun and were exhausted by closing.
We plan to have a similar setup after Racefest. Gina and I also got to celebrate IOS’s 15th store anniversary where she once again baked a winning cake and I got to ride a tricycle around the block (I prefer big wheels).

I’ve gottena jump start on my book by preparing an outline and thanks to Brad got the info I need for publishing at lulu.com. That was a big plus lead. 

Ah, but after Racefest, Gina and I plan to do some serious planning, talking, and evaluating. As Lent comes to a close, we’ve actually been able to use this time to give ourselves to as much service as we can. We’ve been able to observe the things and people around us closely and see that we agree with, that which don’t. I belive when we our on our own too we realize some of the same things around us when we recap at night.
I have felt more within with each training session as well. As I break open into the spring, and with it more frequent racing, I hope to see which doors are worth keeping open, which ones to close, and some to just not even open.
April 18th: Racefest Half Marathon
May 9th: GBS 5K
June 28th: Buffalo Springs 70.3 – Texas
August: TBD
Sept: Duke Half Ironman
Oct: pick’em
Nov: Clearwater 70.3 World Champs?

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