The past 3 weeks have been great in getting into another rhythm and setting things up in my preparations for Clearwater. I intend to train, and train hard to go for a PR, but as G established a while ago with coach rules – gotta see the doc before doing so.
Actually, the last time I saw the doc in March, I had blood test results which showed abnormally high levels of 2 key liver enzymes. These in particular indicate if the liver is inflammed, not metabolizing certain nutrients properly, or indicate that something else could be “out of whack”.
I had such a condition back in 2002, and G has kept close tabs on it since. When we were in NYC, she had access to the top docs and one time when the levels were off the charts, she had me go through an ultrasound, blood work, the whole deal. Each time the levels have subsided, but now it has become part of the deal – prep for a big race – gotta get cleared.
I even stress to the doc that G has to have it in writing that eveything is legit. But in March – the levels were at it’s highest. Doc suggested that we just check it again, then evaluate from there. They took 9 vials of blood.

I still have the ok to train though. It has been humid and hot finally and the sweat puddles are around every morning, but I’ve adjusted and got the hydration down pat. Just don’t have much of an appetite so I drink my cals when needed. Or I just go to Rita’s and slurp down a gelati or Ritachino. G makes some serious cookies and coffee cake in place of the brownies and fortifies them with Brewer’s Yeast. That’s right. Hardly can tell. If it ain’t the whey powder, it’s that.
It’s been fair though cause she’s taking my glutamine chewables now as she ramps up her walking for the Run Like A  Girl 8K. She’s determined on this one and attacks now the hilly 4.4 mile Time Trial loop. 
But I’ve been going through my regular training as if I got the full ok, and believe me, G will continue to keep close tabs. I don’t mind either. It has helped and this race is the biggie for the year. I don’t worry one bit about the condition either.

2 good songs on rotation on the mental ipod – Papa Roach’s “Lifeline”  and Trapt’s “Falling Apart”. Oooooo feel it.

I hope to get set up with a pair of Mavic Cosmic Carbone race wheels from Ilan at Bicycle Sports. Not a misprint. They’ve been out for a while, and what better than a Carbone riding  Carbones??
Work has been up the whazzo as usual and I am trying to sort things out to make it tolerable without going on tilt. It is a revolving situation where it becomes how much do you continue to put in before you have nothing else to give. But it’s been lots of BioFreeze and Aquaphor to keep the body and skin healthy and upright.
The Time Trial nights have been a great hit ( I got the bullhorn finally too!)and people are coming out more each week. School is starting soon and the XC teams are coming in for gear. G and I long for those Sundays each and every week. We barely make it past 10pm now.
The book is in the process of proof reading and I hopefully will be able to send it out for editing by the end of September.

For now, I am two weeks in to the prep for Worlds 70.3. The hotel has been booked. The entry form completed. My mind and focus are creeping in on the goal. And once G gives the full OK -  bring it.

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